True Health and False Health

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

As I mentioned, medical science had started from the mistake. Therefore, the true cause of the disease has not been found. The essence of health has not been found, either. I cannot help thinking their explanation of pathology is far-fetched. That is, in Chinese medicine, the disease is said to be caused when internal organs become discordant. In western medicine, it is regarded to be caused by bacterial infection. From our point of view, the former is just the opposite. When the internal organs become discordant, purification action doesn’t have the power to act. Consequently, the disease cannot occur. As for the latter, it has a point but bacteria are not the only pathogens. There are many pathogens that are not related to bacteria. If a person develops the disease when bacteria invade the body, the person is not healthy. If a person is truly healthy, the disease cannot occur even when bacteria invade the body. People are very afraid of bacteria these days and struggle to prevent them. All kinds of preventive measures are enforced, too. It is because there are few truly healthy people. Most people suffer from disease when bacteria invade the body. If the disease cannot occur even when bacteria invade the body, we call this condition true health. On the other hand, if the disease is caused by bacterial invasion, we call this condition false health. Now let me explain why these conditions are caused.

As I described in the previous chapter, people in the medical field think of the purification action as bad. When it occurs, therefore, they try to suppress it as much as possible using all sorts of methods. The purification naturally occurs to humans if they are healthy. If they are not, they don’t have the power to perform the purification action. Figuratively speaking, when dust accumulates in the house, people living in the house will clean the dust if they are healthy. However, they cannot clean the dust if they are all ill. The purification action is sure to cause pain. This pain is misinterpreted to be a sign of a major disease. Therefore, people are afraid of the purification action and try to stop it as soon as possible. To stop the purification action is the best way to weaken the purification power. It means the human body is weakened by medicine. Basically, no medicine exists. All kinds of medicines are poisonous. Pharmacologists know this fact well. So, the human body is weakened by poisons first. That’s why injections have become popular these days. The injection solution is so poisonous that people get poisoned when drinking it. Therefore, it is injected into the skin. Other than injections, absolute rest, cooling with ice and applying compress are all the ways to weaken the human body. Photo radiation treatment stops the hardened toxins from melting and solidifies it as it was or rather more than before. In this way, the purification becomes weakened as expected using all sorts of ways. As a result, the toxin returns to be a hardened state before the purification occurs. Consequently, a patient temporarily relieves the pain. Therefore, this state is misunderstood to be cured. Obviously, this is not a state in which the patient has been cured of the disease. It is evident that the disease recurs after a while. As the patient is getting better, the purification recurs on the hardened toxin. Then the purification is stopped again by weakening the body. It means toxic medicine is used. In this way, the toxic medicine steadily accumulates. Here let me explain the outline of toxic medicine.

As I mentioned, if the disease is caused by the action to purify the hardened toxin, what is that toxin? Surprisingly, most of them are toxic medicine. Congenital toxins are toxic medicine inherited by the ancestors or parents. Acquired toxins are medicine that a person has taken since they were born. It means the number of toxins gradually increases as the acquired toxins are added to the congenital ones. As a result, a person has a large number of toxins in the body and the serious purification action occurs all at once. This purification action causes serious diseases such as pneumonia, encephalitis and all kinds of swellings. Even so, medical treatment as the method of weakening the human body is still applied to stop the purification. In that case, a powerful way of debilitation is required. Otherwise, it doesn’t work. Medical science proves it well. Taking the specific medicine for pneumonia is one of the methods of debilitation. On such an occasion, the doctor says to the patient, “This medicine is very much effective. You will recover soon if it works. If not, however, you will die.” Needless to say, a life-threatening and highly poisonous medicine should be used to stop the intensive purification action. Otherwise, it won’t work.

From the above, you would understand that the disease is the purification action and the medical treatment is the method to stop this action. In a word, medical treatment is the method not to cure the disease and the progress of medical science means that of not curing the disease. Therefore, the doctors never say to cure the disease. They say to harden it instead. To harden the disease, of course, they adopt the methods of weakening the human body. They are not to overdo anything, not to catch a cold, to take care of oneself, to sleep well, to use medicine as much as possible and so on. They are the methods to get negatively healthy. They weaken the purification action and consequently, the occurrence of the disease gets fewer. Therefore, people misunderstood that they became healthy by using those methods. Today’s preventive medicine is based on this misunderstanding.

We call negative health as above ‘false health.’ The representatives in such false health are today’s pale-faced intellectuals and the physical constitution of children. Those who dutifully carry out today’s medical hygiene tend to be in such false health. Once bacteria invade such a person’s body, they are sure to cause disease and threaten the person’s life. For this reason, people are extremely afraid of bacteria. As for divine spiritual medicine that we have found, it is just the opposite of today’s medical science. When a person suffers from the disease, it encourages the purification and excretes impure things out of the body as soon as possible. This medicine completely cures the disease. Therefore, the patient gets healthier than before they get ill. They become so healthy that the disease never occurs even if bacteria invade their body. This condition is called true health. When a person becomes a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo, they don’t care about bacteria at all in a few years. It is because they have no risk of infection. Such happiness is a gift of God, which only we enjoy. In this way, we have found true medical art. You would know that this discovery is given the fundamental meaning of human salvation.

Translated by N.H.