Toxic Medicine

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

As I described in the previous chapter, human beings don’t know that the disease is the purification action. Therefore, they have been concentrating on hardening the disease until today. Hardening the disease means, of course, making the condition back to before the purification action occurs. If you know the truth and see it, the only word to describe it is ‘foolish.’ The toxin is sure to be eliminated naturally. Nevertheless, they try hard to stop the elimination because they misunderstand that it is the way to cure the disease. This is the complete opposite. Medicine has tried hard to make people not healthy. Why has such a mistake happened? It is because the purification causes pain and this pain is relieved somewhat by using the medicine. Therefore, people thought the disease was cured. In a word, human beings have been dazzled by the temporary effect of medicine and unknowingly strayed from the main subject of medical science until today. It is inevitable that they thought medicine is the only way to cure the disease. In that way, medical science has proceeded based on medicine. Since it is not the true way of medical science, the disease seems to be cured but it isn’t. Then new medicine is consequently made one after another. Now, hundreds of or thousands of types of medicines exist and new ones are still produced. This proves well that the disease is not cured by medicine. As described above, medical science has fallen into the superstition of medicine. Therefore, people cannot believe even if we say that the disease is caused by medicine. It is too much surprising for them.

I often hear from the patients, who are suffering from the disease, that medicine doesn’t work at all no matter how much they take it or get injections. Every time I hear that, I reply, “It is terribly wrong that you think medicine doesn’t work. If it doesn’t work, you don’t have to worry but in fact, it works too much.” Medicine doesn’t work positively but negatively. In other words, medicine creates the disease. If humans stop using the medicine, the disease will disappear. If that is the case, it is the most surprising and great issue in human history. For this reason, I believe that the first step for human salvation is to let people know about this toxic medicine and explain it thoroughly.

Therefore, no medicine exists on earth. Everything called medicine is poisonous. Medicine weakens the human body and stops purification. When medicine works in that way, it is said to be effective. I always say that it is very easy to make money by producing new medicine. You just produce one that is poisonous enough but not to kill people. It will work very well. I guarantee that it is thought to be effective and becomes popular. In this sense, I declare without hesitation that medicine will never cure disease truly no matter how new medicines appear. Injections have become popular these days. They are poisonous enough to cause poisoning. Therefore, it works better than internal medicine.

Toxic medicine temporarily relieves pain. Then what happens next? It remains in the human body. In medical science, toxic medicine is regarded to disappear though some possibly cause side effects. This is terribly wrong. Medical science has not progressed yet to find toxic medicine. The human digestive functions are well created. They digest only natural food. They never process foreign substances. Nature is the most exquisite creation of God. As toxic medicine is a foreign substance that is not processed, most of them remain in the human body. They gather and solidify in certain parts of the body and cause the disease. This is proved by the following explanation. The more people take medical treatment, the more disease develops and the worse it gets gradually. A complication arises for the same reason. In other words, the secondary disease is created by trying to cure the original one, the third one is created by the second one and so on. Doctors would always experience the number of diseases increases in that way. If the disease is truly cured by medicine, the number of diseases should decrease in order. However, they have never realised this obvious fact. This is really strange.

In this sense, when people suffer from the disease, most of them recover if it is left as it is. If the disease is hardly cured, the patient must have a large amount of toxic medicine in the body. In that case, they are naturally recovering if they are patient. Nevertheless, medical science doesn’t find this reason and tries to cure the disease unnaturally. The harder it tries to cure the disease, the more critical it becomes gradually. In the end, the patient goes to death. Oh! I have no words about how wrong medical science is. No one has not understood this reason for thousands of years. Therefore, hundreds of millions of people fell victim to medical science. That is unmeasurable. Now, I have found this reason. It means that God disclosed it to me as time has come. Here, the ideal world without disease for human beings is finally realised.