What Do You Think of This Truth?

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

As I described in the previous chapter, people write the truth in thank-you reports. Needless to say, no exaggeration is found there as I caution them to write exactly what they experienced. The number of their reports full of gratitude and impression increases more and more. We recently receive hundreds of reports in a month. It becomes difficult to publish all of them. Therefore, we are thinking how we should do. Given this fact, you would see how many people are being saved. When reading their reports full of gratitude, you would be moved to tears. You wouldn’t know how many times you wipe tears. Surprisingly, our therapy has very good cure results for all kinds of diseases. Then what about the other current treatments including medical treatment? Let me examine them from various angles. Roughly speaking, one-third of them is ineffective and the rest of them contrarily complicates the diseases without exception. This is a serious problem. When knowing this result, general people, as well as experts, would be surprised at how illogical it is.

Today, all cultural people in the world believe that modern medicine is progressing. They believe that it is the best way to entrust their lives to it. Their beliefs are almost common sense. Nevertheless, I started to correct the false of medicine more than a decade ago. To let people know it thoroughly, I published three books before the end of the war. However, I gave it up because all of them were banned. Now it is not so strict but criticism of medicine was not allowed at all before. For example, when I just told the patient that he didn’t always need to take medical treatment because our therapy cures the disease, I was accused to violate the Medical Practitioners Act and prisoned for three days. In another case, I published the following article in our leaflet; “in modern medical science, the affected area is removed by surgery. It means fresh is cut, blood is consumed and the patient suffers anguish. Medical science takes such a barbaric method. On the other hand, our remedy can eliminate the cause of disease from its root. We never pain the patient nor hurt the body.” This article seemed to offend the authorities and I was brought in the police. I was lectured for a long time and fined in the end. So, the rest may be imagined. As it was such a period, we inevitably kept silent. We had no choice but to make known the fault of medical science by showing the facts to the public.

Now the time has come to break our silence. We make this false public by this book. In fact, God has shown that the time comes when human beings must stop suffering from the disease. As I always say, human suffering is caused by the pain of the disease. If human beings become healthy spiritually and physically, most of their sufferings will be solved. When it happens, our goal of Paradise on Earth will come true without a doubt.

Christ prophesied that Heaven was approaching. Sakyamuni advocated the world of Miroku. Their words are nothing but to mention the appearance of Paradise on Earth. I am not a doctor. I have never studied medicine, either. However, God told me all about the disease. I knew it fundamentally. Therefore, I clearly understood that modern medicine goes deeply into the wrong way. It is most important to correct this false for human salvation. Therefore, God gave me the great mission to create a world without diseases. I deeply consider this mission.

Translated by N.H.