Thank-you Reports Tell the Truth

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

Until today, hundreds of thousands of ‘Thank-you reports’ would have been published in our publications. Besides, their number is increasing more and more. They prove enough that our unique method of religious healing is having a great effect. Here, we should not overlook the merits and demerits of medical treatment. Everyone knows that all cultural people rejoice in the progress of modern medical science and trust it without any doubt. In this way, medical science has got a permanent place in the most important cultural position. Therefore, there is almost no case like us to give an honest opinion about it. We would never willingly criticize medical science if it accurately raised the effect and truly contributed to human health promotion as the general public believe so. According to the current law, we also have a risk that we might be suspected of medical interruption.

Even so, we criticize medical science. It is because we fully realise that modern medical science is proceeding in the wrong way. Based on God-given medical science, this fact is found by deepening the field research of medicine. To come to the point, medical science hasn’t made any progress no matter how hard to work and study. After all, it just keeps going around in circles for a long period of time unless people realise this fact. This is proved well by the following fact; you can see that a large number of people are unhealthy and suffer from the disease today. In other words, new diseases occur while established diseases are decreasing on the other hand. This is a reality. It happens because the fundamental error must be hiding in medical science. On the contrary, the divine spiritual healing therapy that we adopt is actually working well. That is described as a vivid reality by Thank-you reports. Needless to say, thank-you reports are written by people who have received that healing therapy. Therefore, there is no room for doubt.

When you read the Thank-you reports, you will see that the reporters immediately took medical treatment without exception when suffering from the disease. Surprisingly, the more they took medical treatment, the worse their condition gradually got. Because the disease is a life-threatening matter, they, of course, continued to spend time and money as much as possible to go to a large hospital, see an excellent physician, take prescribed medicine and so on. Nevertheless, their condition got worse as I described above. Finally, they got to the point of death. No serious problem than this. In this way, modern medicine brings almost the opposite result to its theory. As Thank-you reports say, the result is completely the opposite of the doctors’ expectation whether they say the disease is cured or not.

In this way, the theory is just the opposite of reality. Even doctors would experience this. We often hear that the diagnosis given in the large hospital is very different from the result of dissection. In that case, the doctors never think that medical science is wrong. They just think that it happens because medical science has not yet progressed enough to find the cause of the disease. Therefore, they think that medical science should progress more to save people. From our point of view, that is so much wrong that we are at a loss for words. To develop medical science, they devote themselves to find how to cure diseases in medicine; they try to find bacteria, perform animal experiments, produce new medicine, develop the ray radiation method, do nutrition improvement, and so on. As a result, the fields in medical science become more complexed and diverse. Since the number and types of the disease increase, the subjects also increase. Everything is researched in detail. The theory and way of curing diseases seem to highly progress. Therefore, general people are dazzled by modern medicine and greatly trust it today. However, the crucial cure results have not improved at all. Symptomatic treatment has just become artful. It relieves the pain temporarily.

Nevertheless, people are overconfident that it is the way of proceeding with medical science. When I try to criticize modern medicine calmly, I have no choice but to sigh deeply. In a word, medical scientists try to apply the theory of medicine to reality even though it is far from reality. Therefore, it is obvious that they cannot have the expected effect. As a result, they just immerse themselves in researching. It is not much problem if they only use guinea pigs for their experiments. However, how many people are becoming victims for them? It cannot be overestimated. If their theory were true, all diseases would be gradually solved by preventive medicine but never spread one after another like today. No parasitic worms, tuberculosis, infectious diseases, paralysis and polio. In short, True salvation is to let people awaken from the fallacy of modern medicine. Now, the end of the world is approaching. God’s great love has disclosed true medical art. He uses us to correct this fallacy with this true art. Since medical science has been practised for thousands of years, it is very difficult to awaken them in a short period. However, we do believe the absolute divine power. Therefore, we are striving towards the divine light ahead without any doubt.

Translated by N.H.