Divine Spiritual Medicine as Democratic Practice

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

People don’t seem to notice that modern medical science is an extremely discriminatory and non-democratic practice. It is because the poor are not able to buy expensive medicines. They are also difficult to admit to the hospital. The patients have to bear the financial burden if they keep taking medical treatment for a long time. Therefore, we hardly dare to hope that people equally have the opportunity to take medical treatment. To solve this problem, the government established the Health Insurance Act. However, things don’t go as planned. When the insured patients get ill and go to see the public health doctor, we often hear that he treats them differently from general patients. Therefore, the insured patient pretends to be a general patient and pay the regular fee. That is nonsense. In that case, modern medicine would be far from democratic. Considering the economic situation of the present society, however, it would be inevitable. It is because a solution to this problem has not been found at this point.

On the other hand, everyone can take our remedy. Divine spiritual treatment never chooses people whether they are rich or poor. It is because we never rely on substances. Divine spiritual treatment is an invisible spiritual action. Light waves emitted from the human body is directly applied to the patient’s body. It is several times more effective than medical treatment. It is ideal indeed. As stated above, our remedy can be literally said democratic medicine. I recently read the article in Mainichi Newspapers. In the article, Mr Furuhata, who is a director of Japan Medical Association, says; “A medical doctor usually has to ask the patients about their financial condition before giving them medical treatment. Some patients take injections even if their symptom is not so serious. However, most patients cannot take injections even though they need them. It is because they cannot afford them. In that way, it is difficult for us to take an attitude that the doctor should do. Unfortunately, it is because the patients decide it, and so on.” His words prove what I described above.

Translated by N.H.