The Comedy of Nutrition

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

This title would seem to be strange to you. Honestly, I don’t want to express it that way but I cannot find suitable words other than those. So, I ask for your understanding.

Today, the general public believe in nutrition and do it without any doubt. However, this is nothing but false. This wrong nutrition is harmful and useless. Nevertheless, people believe in it as one of the aspects of progressive culture and do it energetically. It must be required enormous effort and cost. That is really wasteful. I cannot keep silent in such a present situation. You might think I am a mad person but I present this fearless idea. Here, let me describe it in detail as much as possible.

There are various nutritional supplements. They are amino acid, glycogen, carbohydrate, fat and protein, as well as vitamin A, B and C. As you know, vitamin holds the premier position of the supplement and the number of the types increases year by year. When people take supplements into the body by drinking or injecting, the supplements temporarily work but don’t last long. They have the opposite effect after all. The more people take the supplements, the weaker their body becomes. Why does it happen? Needless to say, human beings eat food to maintain their lives and show their vitality. However, today’s theory misinterprets this point. It disagrees with reality.

When humans have food, they chew it with their teeth. Food enters the stomach through the oesophagus and then the intestine. Only necessary things are absorbed and unnecessary ones are excreted as faeces and urine. Throughout this process, all required nutrients are produced and extracted for all functions such as blood, muscle, bones, skin, hair, teeth, nail and so on. Then they are distributed to each function. That is undertaken by nutritional functions such as liver, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas and so on. This unfathomable activity allows humans to live. How mysterious and profound the divine technique is! It is beyond our description. This is the true figure of nature.

In this way, food contains all kinds of nutrients for humans to live. There are so many different types of food and each food becomes a necessary nutrient. It depends from person to person or occasion to occasion what kind of or how much food they have. What to eat depends on their taste, too. They eat food that their body needs. For example, when you get hungry, you eat food. When you feel thirsty, you drink water. You want to eat something sweet because your body is deficient in sugar. You want to have salty food because your body needs salt. It makes sense human beings follow their natural needs. The most important thing is what you want to eat must be delicious. Nevertheless, people patiently take terrible things. They don’t want to take it but do it because it is medicine. You would understand how wrong they are. It is often said from before that good medicine tastes bad. This is terribly wrong. If something tastes bitter, God tells us not to take it because it is poisonous. In this sense, delicious food is highly nourishing. It means the food has a rich spirit and lots of nutrients. The fresher fish and vegetables are, the richer spirit and nutrient they contain. Food turns stale as time goes because the spirit of food is dispersed.

Let me explain nutritional supplements, here. To begin with, nutritional functions in the human body freely produce necessary nutrients such as vitamins from any kind of food. It means the nutritional functions have a magical power to produce the required amount of vitamins from food even if it does not contain any vitamins. In this way, the human body functions produce nutrients out of food. This activity is nothing else but human vitality. In short, something incomplete is completed in the human body and this process is the activity of human vitality. Since a nutritional supplement is a finished product, if people take it, human nutritional functions don’t need to perform. They naturally degenerate. As they degenerate, other related human functions also degenerate naturally. Therefore, the human body is gradually getting weak. Let me give you a few examples of this.

In the U.S.A, an eating method called ‘Fletcherism’ became popular before. This method encourages people to chew food well until it becomes sticky. The stickier, the better. I strictly carried out this method for a month. Surprisingly, I was gradually losing my physical strength and felt getting weak. So, I stopped it and put it back the way it had been. Then I gained my physical strength. Through this experience, I knew how wrong to chew food well. Why so? Food is chewed well by teeth in the mouth, the stomach function no longer needs to perform. As a result, the stomach gets weak. Therefore, I knew that any food should be half-chewed. It is said from before that a person is healthy if they eat first and defecate soon. Regarding this, early people were more evolved than today’s cultural people.

For the same reason, if a person takes a digestive, stomach works slowly and becomes weak. Therefore, the person takes the digestive again and then the stomach becomes weaker. It is obvious that stomach disease is caused by taking a digestive. I often hear that people don’t recover from chronic stomach disease even if they eat easily digestible food. However, they recover when they occasionally eat a kind of Japanese rice porridge with Japanese pickles. As above, human vitality is the activity to transform incomplete food to complete nutrients by eating. Let me compare this activity to the machine manufacturing factory. First, law materials are brought into the factory. Charcoal is burnt, manufacturing machines are operated and manufacturers work. Then a machine is gradually produced. Those processes make a factory what it should be. On the contrary, what if a completed machine is brought into the factory? No need for work in the factory. Charcoal is not burnt, manufacturing machines are not operated and manufacturers are not needed. There is no choice but to close the factory in the end.

I tried to explain nutritional supplements as clearly as possible. In this sense, people spend a lot of money on this tasteless thing and weaken their own bodies against their expectations. This is too silly. It can only be described as a comedy. This is the reason why I gave such a strange title to this chapter.

Translated by N.H.