The Method of Creating Spoiled Youth

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

The health and hygiene method of modern medical science is, in other words, the method of creating spoiled youth. It might sound strange to you. Let me explain why I say so. The health method of modern medicine encourages people not to work too hard, sleep well, eat digestive food, chew them well, keep them warm, wear a belly band to keep their bellies warm, make sure to gargle when going home and so on. What if we exactly follow them? Do we become healthy? I clearly say, “No.” If we follow them, we will lose physical strength. Let me explain the specific examples listed above briefly.

First, people are encouraged not to work too hard. On the contrary, the harder people work, the healthier they become. Sporting people prove it well. They extremely overwork to make a record. Their overdoing develops their skill. A swimmer, Mr Furuhashi is a good example. In this sense, the more people overwork, the healthier they become. As for me, I will become sixty-seven years old this year. Since I push myself hard, young people are not much for me when walking around the mountain.

The lack of sleep is said to cause tuberculosis. It is just the opposite. Look at an inn manager, restaurant owner, teahouse-maid, Geisha and so on. They never get enough sleep. People in those professions are the least to suffer from tuberculosis, which is recognised even in the field of medical science. For this reason, I try not to sleep as possible as I can.

Eating digestive food slows down gastric activity. So does chewing food well. Creator produced various kinds of food whether they are digestive or not. It means we appropriately eat them. For example, squid, sea cucumber, octopus, pickled radish and plum, aubergine, tofu, etc. All of them seem to be not good for digestion but it makes sense that we eat whatever we want.

People are afraid of catching a cold. As a matter of fact, it is the easiest health promotion action. I always advocate that it is the only benefit given by God. Therefore, I always try to catch a cold. When wearing a belly band, the skin around their belly becomes soft. For this reason, people have an upset stomach when they remove it by chance. On the contrary, the skin around the belly becomes tough if people don’t wear the belly band. As a result, they never feel sick to their stomach. Therefore, our whole family don’t wear the belly band. You should not gargle because human saliva has a strong bactericidal action. Some kinds of insects are even weakened by saliva. For example, when you spit on your fingers and pinch a flea with them, it becomes weak. If you gargle, therefore, you will temporarily lose such a strong sterilizing effect of saliva. In other words, gargling is a rather dangerous act.

What I explained above is neither taught nor learnt but corresponded to reality. Therefore, you would agree. In conclusion, the health method of modern medicine is like a method of making a child a spoiled youth. They never have a hard life. When they grow up and go into society, they become useless. The same is true of the health method of modern medicine.

Translated by N.H.