Good Health Realises Heaven on Earth

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

Christ prophesied that Heaven was approaching. As well as his impassioned speech, it goes without saying that all kinds of religions aim to realize a better world or the world of joy. Therefore, they try to eliminate human suffering. Their goal is the same but unfortunately, it seems to be difficult to achieve it in reality. I have an impression that people are far from getting out of hellish circumstances. Since a long time ago, both people in the East and the West have worked hard to achieve the goal in various ways such as religion, philosophy, science, morality, education, and so on. However, why do we see no progress? Health problems can be considered the cause of human misfortune but we cannot even see any signs of a solution. That is a reality.

We always and repeatedly explain this problem but only for this, we don’t think that it is not too much to say. As long as this health problem is not solved, everything is meaningless even if all the other conditions are satisfied. As a matter of fact, I have completed divine spiritual therapy. This therapy is able to eliminate all kinds of diseases and make humans perfectly healthy. This great discovery is far beyond the standards of modern culture. Therefore, people easily misunderstand it. It is as if a person who is on the ground cannot see the top of the head of someone on the roof.

Look, all causes of tragedies lie in diseases when we figure them out. Some come down with tuberculosis. Some suffer from tuberculosis just before leaving the highest seat of learning. Not only do they but also their parents lose their only hope and they are thrown into a dark fate. Due to illness, some middle-aged people have to give up their business on the way. Because of illness, some are at a loss just when they are about to take a great leap after building the basis. Like those, most of the tragedies in society are caused by illness. To solve them, medical science and religions continue to make untiring efforts as usual. However, there is no sign of success. Now, divine spiritual therapy has suddenly appeared in this miserable world. Once people become a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo and understand what exactly this remedy is, they are easily convinced of how epochal and great it is.

Translated by N.H.