Mental Illness and Japanese

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

People in the present society always say that ideology is getting worse, the number of criminals is increasing. They lament the poverty of politics and so on. Here let me explain the cause of those problems, which are deeply related to mental illness.

First of all, what is the true cause of mental illness? It is an unprecedented and unimaginable one. Since it is the truth itself, however, everyone would be convinced except for mental disabilities. Mental illness is due to physical cause and spirit possession. This seems a little difficult to understand for people of today who have received materialistic education. We know enough that they can hardly understand what I describe as they have been trained not to believe invisible things. However, the truth is truth no matter how much it is denied. If something didn’t exist because you couldn’t see it, the air wouldn’t exist. So would the human mind.

The spirit exists because it is a real existing. The phenomenon of spirit possession occurs because spirits possess the human body. These facts are the main premise of the following theory. Therefore, if people consistently deny the existence of spirits, they think that we are superstitious. From our point of view, however, they are the ones who are pitiful superstitions. Now, I get into the main subject. If mental illness is caused by spirit possession, why does it happen? Generally speaking, a large number of people have a stiff neck and shoulder. It is not too much to say that all Japanese probably do so. Throughout my experience, I know that everyone has a stiff neck and shoulder. Some very rarely have no such a condition. In this case, their neck and shoulders are so stiff that they just become insensitive to pain. In other words, they have such a constitution. If I say that stiffness in the neck and shoulders causes mental illness, you will be very surprised. Now I explain it one by one. Therefore, you would be convinced of what I describe.

When a person has a stiff neck or shoulder, stiffness presses blood vessels that send blood to their brain. It causes anaemia in the frontal region. This is a serious problem. Since blood is the materialisation of spirit, anaemia causes a shortage of spirit cells, which is fully filled in the brain. Therefore, poverty of spirit occurs and this is the cause of mental illness. Animal spirits possess in the area where the poverty of spirit occurs. Then what kind of animal spirits possess there? Most of them are the spirit of fox and the second most is that of cocoon dog. In rare cases, the spirit of dog and cat possess there. All of them are, of course, dead spirits. The possession of human spirits with animal spirits sometimes occurs at the same time.

Here, let me examine human thoughts. They are divided into three; reason, emotion and the motivation to put them into action. Reason is performed by the function of the forebrain and emotion is done by that of the hindbrain. The following facts prove it well. Caucasians have a widely developed frontal area, which shows they have a lot of sense. On the other hand, Orientals have a narrow frontal area but a developed back of the head, which shows they are very emotional. Everyone knows that Caucasians are intellectual and Orientals are emotional. In this sense, Reason and emotion are always in a conflict in the human brain. When reason becomes stronger than emotion, people never fail but turn cold. When emotion becomes stronger than reason, they act on instinct and the danger arises. The important thing is to harmonize both of them and not be biased towards one side. However, people tend to be biased toward one side. When people express their reason or emotion, motivation is required regardless of whether it is strong or not. The source of the motivation is performed by the function in the navel of the central abdomen. This is the so-called source of action. When reason, emotion and motivation work together, that is called the Trinity of human thought.

When the poverty of spirit occurs in the forehead, a person suffers insomnia. Most insomnia is caused by hardenings around the medulla oblongata on the right side of the occipital region. They press blood vessels. Since insomnia encourages the spirit to reduce, the spirits of animals are sure of success and possess the frontal region. The centre of the human body exists there. Therefore, the spirits of animals can control humans freely by occupying there. A fox is particularly interested in controlling humans. Besides, they get power in their group by doing so. That is beyond human imagination. I will publish a book all about fox spirits through my experiment soon. So, please wait for it.

As I described above, reason always takes charge of holding down and controlling emotion as a human instinct not to make a mistake. It is done instinctively. Because of the power of law called this reason, human beings keep normal somehow. Therefore, when losing this power, human emotion becomes in a state of wild and stray. This state is called mental illness.

Animal spirits know that they cannot occupy the forehead as long as this power of law exists there. Once spirit in the forehead becomes thin, however, they are sure of success and possess there. The thickness of the spirit differs. Animal spirits control humans according to this thickness. For example, when the spirit is full in the forehead, animal spirits can never possess there. When 90 per cent of the spirit is filled there, 10 per cent of animal spirits can possess there. When the emptiness of the spirit increases to 20, 30, 40 and 50 per cent, animal spirits had the power to control the same per cent of the emptiness. When the emptiness exceeds 60 per cent, animal spirits can exert just the same per cent of their power. It means 40 per cent of the reason is defeated by 60 per cent of emotion. Therefore, animal spirits can control human beings freely.

As I said before, stiffness presses blood vessels, which causes the poverty of the spirit. The more the poverty increases, the more possessing animal spirits can act. Since all modern people have stiffness, there is no one in ten who is full of their spirit. Even people who are respected in society have 20 to 30 per cent defects. Why did such a great person make such a mistake? Why didn’t they understand such a simple thing? Why did they fail? People often say like that because they have 20 to 30 per cent defects. The ratio of the defect always changes. When a person takes a very good action, they have about 20 per cent defects. When a person has evil thoughts on some occasion and commits a sin, they have about 40 or more than 40 per cent defects. It often happens that a person regrets after committing a great sin. In that case, their defects have already got back to 20 or 30 per cent. It is often said that the devil made a person do it. That refers to this condition.

As for general people, they usually have 30 to 40 per cent defects. Therefore, depending on the cause, the defects might suddenly exceed 50 per cent. In that case, they commit an unexpected sin. Hysteric is one of those cases. This is mostly caused by the fox spirits when they occupy the person’s forehead and control them. In this case, jealousy and anger increase the defects, which exceed 50 per cent. When it happens, the person says something insane that they don’t mean and behaves scandalously. However, it doesn’t last long because the defects go down less than 50 per cent again. In this sense, people should keep the defects of 30 per cent. If the defects exceed more, they are in danger. When understanding this, you would see very much why so many people commit a crime. Since spirit possession is caused by animal spirits, people become like a beast in their mind when they are possessed even though their figures are human beings. They do beast like doing without hesitation. Human beings have love but beasts do not. This is a significant difference. Some animals might have the love of parents and children but they rarely have the love of their neighbours. Birds and insects have love of their neighbours rather than them. Since most beasts have even no love of parents and children, human beings do unthinkable cruelty when they are possessed by such beasts’ spirits.

In this way, as long as a person who has full of their spirit, people are more or less occupied by animal spirits. It can be said that such people suffer from mental illness. Frankly speaking, all Japanese people would be more or less mentally ill.

Regarding this, I tell you about my experience. I meet tens of people every day to talk but I would say that no one can accurately respond to me. Every person definitely gives me a strange answer even a little. Everyone has defects. Even those who are respected in society have defects that no one usually notices. In this sense, people would generally slightly suffer from mental disease.

This applies to not only words but also action. Most people cannot do everyday things properly. No one is interested in ‘Do-Ho-Rei-Setsu*’ at all. Most people cannot even bow to me properly when entering the room. Some bow towards the wall. Some bow towards shoji or fusuma sliding door. There are many different ways to bow. Some take a terribly polite bow. Some make a too light bow. In any case, they would be mildly mentally ill.

Lastly, I describe how to solve this problem. It is solved when stiffness is removed as it prevents blood from flowing to the brain. Here I declare that Johrei is the only way in the world to solve this stiffness. Therefore, believers in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo never have more than 30 per cent defects. They usually have 20 to 30 per cent. Nothing is better proof of this than their moral character. In this sense, Sekai-Mehisya-kyo is making a great achievement to clean up social evils. Needless to say, the nature of stiffness is toxic medicine.


*) Meshiya-sama described ‘Do-Ho-Rei-Setsu’ in his book as below;




Let me explain “Do-Ho-Rei-Setsu.” “Do” means the line that everything should pass. For example, the sun and the moon travel through orbit from the east to the west. Everything is made up of and proceeded on “Do,” which is the act of Kannon. “Do” is also pronounced “Mi-chi.” “Mi” means a form or body and “Chi” means a spirit or blood. Therefore, “Michi” acts as Izunome or Kannon. “Do” is written “道” in a Japanese Kanji character. It consists of “辶” and “首.” “首” means a sovereign, the head of people. “辶” means to take a path. In this way, “道” has a very deep meaning.

“Ho” means the law of the universe made by the Creator and “Do-Ho” means the law of Kannon. They are absolute laws. Kannon-Kai has a mission to let people all over the world know them. Everything goes well as long as not out of the universal law. “Ho” is written “法” in a Japanese Kanji character. It consists of “水” and “去.” “水” means water. “Watery” has a negative connotation so that water is not right. “去” means to leave. Therefore, “Ho” means to leave the water or fire. Fire is also a flame in other words, which is untouchable and sacred. On the other hand, water is accommodating.

“Rei” is written “禮” in Japanese Kanji character, which means to show abundance or to be able to afford. Wealthy people in the upper class are polite and whereas, poor people are not. Classes are naturally divided. When people become polite, poverty disappears. God is in order. Communists try to break it. Because of military courtesy, it keeps strength. Courtesy is made up of order. Rudeness causes the disorder. Shinran said that he had no disciple and regarded all the others as the same. He is the first communist in Japan.

“Setsu” means a section. Everything proceeds with a section. A year is divided into four seasons. The activity of Kannon also has a section. When crossing the section, everything is in progress. You don’t have to worry even if things stop temporarily. It is because they come to a section. Music has a tune. Therefore, it sounds pleasant. The war between nations is also a section. Japan has experienced wars such as Sino-Japanese, Russo-Japanese, European Great War and Manchurian Incident. Therefore, Japan gained strength. A section breaks the momentum so that things get stronger, which should not unlimitedly grow. People who don’t take a break are tired on the way. Without a section, things are smooth and flat, which are weak and broken in the end.

We disclose the meaning of “Do-Ho-Rei-Sets” as above. If everything has a pass or law, there must have a law of how to sit, walk, act and sleep. Order is made up by keeping the law. Everything goes well if you do it according to a section. When keeping this action well, you will become a person who acts as Kannon does. Sakyamuni preached this more than two thousand six hundred years ago. (“Lectures on Kannon” written by Mokichi Okada in 1935)

Translated by  N.H.