Our Requests for Medical Science

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

I read the column on the front page of the Tokyo Newspaper published on 25 August 1948. It says; “Most people know that a medical doctor is reluctant to examine their family. After all, their emotion clouds their judgment.” That is all and we also often hear such a thing. Come to think of it, however, we find that the great significance is hidden in this short sentence. It means medical science is not scientific at all. Everyone thinks that medicine has progressed. No one agrees that it is outside of the field of science. Nevertheless, the doctors cannot make a decision when they examine their family. That is evidence that medical science is not scientific. Besides, it is very dangerous. If medical science is reliable, it doesn’t make sense that the doctor leaves the examination of only their family to another doctor. If doing so, the doctor would get anxious. Therefore, they should examine their family by all means, shouldn’t they? Otherwise, they would never feel relieved. Not to say so, at least, the doctor should equally examine their family and others. That is a scientific standard.  

In this manner, medical diagnosis is exceedingly unreliable. It cannot be helped to say that it is practically the same as a fortune-teller’s judgement. We have no intention of criticizing medical science at all. No matter how much we think of it, however, we have to come to the conclusion as above. I heard that the cause of a cold is still unknown in medical science even though it is the most common and mild disease. In this situation, we request that medical doctors properly examine their family and the cause of the diseases is found out at least. We just expect that medical science progresses to this extent.

Translated by N.H.