How to Raise a Healthy Child

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

These days, infants are in poor physical health in Japan. Surprisingly, their mortality rate is 35 times higher than that of the U.S.A. This is a serious issue, which should be solved as soon as possible. First, we should find why it happens. Modern medicine gives many causes for it. However, most of them are irrelevant. Therefore, their effects are not as high as expected no matter how hard it tries.

Then what is the true cause? Let me explain what I have found. I have seen many patients who are infants and children up to six years old. Surprisingly, the children living in the city are in very poor physical health. They are much weaker than the children in the countryside. Medical science explains it happens because there are many bad conditions in the urban areas such as the bad air, no place to play and so on. Transportation facilities and noise pollution make them nervous, too. On the other hand, the living conditions are favourable for the children in the countryside. I think that it presumably makes sense. However, people in the medical field don’t realise the most important cause. When I saw sick and weak children at that time, I said to their mothers, “Is your son or daughter a Japanese child or a western one?” I continued to say, “Japanese children have been brought up by eating Japanese style food which their ancestors had from generation to generation. Nevertheless, you suddenly give them western food and bring them up in a western way. Therefore, they become weak.” In this way, I gave them a warning. The funniest thing is that they never give their child Japanese sweets. Some mothers especially avoid giving sweets made from sweet bean paste. I asked them why they didn’t. They said to me, “The paediatrician says that sweet bean paste might cause children’s dysentery. He tells me not to give one to my child.” I said, “It doesn’t make sense. Red beans are said to improve bowel movements. Therefore, we take the time to cock them to eat. Furthermore, sweet bean paste is made by filtering and adding sugar to them. Is there any problem with it?” I continued to say, “Doctors read western medicine books and accept the contents without questioning. The books don’t mention sweet bean paste because western people don’t eat it. That’s why they say that sweet bean paste is not good for children. Therefore, you would see that they recommend western food to the sick such as milk, oatmeal, butter, apple, potato and so on.”

In this sense, children should have western food little by little with Japanese food as they grow up. First, children up to five or six years old should have only Japanese food. I can claim through my countless experiences that it is definitely good for children’s health. In my experience, if infants have many injections, they stop growing or become undergrown. They cannot hold their head up and become thin, weak and anaemic. However, they return to good health if they stop taking medicine for the following few years.

Translated by N.H.