God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

I have been engaged in the holy work of human salvation for more than two decades. Needless to say, it doesn’t mean that I deliberately started or planed it. God chose me and has me disclose the root cause of error, injustice and ignorance in all aspects of culture and correct them. The modern culture has surprisingly progressed and it is sparkling brilliantly. On the contrary, human health has not been promoted. It is the greatest cause of human misfortune. I would like to say that it still remains the same as in ancient times but as a matter of fact, it gets worse. Nevertheless, no one has doubt about it or people contrarily misunderstand that they have progressed in their health. This is a serious problem.  

Look. All kinds of diseases are still spread; such as tuberculosis, infectious disease, physically weak children, mental disorder, polio, parasites, nervous breakdown and so on. The types of diseases tend to increase and the shortage of hospitals is being announced. In such conditions, why could they say that medicine has progressed? If medicine truly progressed, the types of disease should decrease year by year, in-patients would decrease, hospitals become in financial difficulties and medicine sales decrease. However, we cannot get even a glimpse of those situations. The fact is rather contrary. Therefore, it would be an illusion that they think medicine made progress. If medicine truly progressed, the number of unhealthy people should decrease accordingly but the truth is they tend to increase.

Considering those facts carefully, we can see that medicine has progressed superficially and peripherally. People are just dazzled by its superficial excellence. As mentioned above, it is far away from its principle. There is a term ‘symptomatic treatment’ in the medical field. That is the way to cool fever with ice, to relieve pain temporarily with anaesthesia and to remove an affected area by surgery. They are all provisional treatments. Since the true cause of the disease is not found, such treatments are provided. From our point of view, it is essential for medicine to find the cause of all diseases as they have a cause to occur. Since the cause has not been found yet, we think that there is no other choice but to take a barbaric method such as removing the affected organs. Therefore, it is not medical art but just a way of relieving pain temporarily. True medicine is to remove the only disease with no damage to God-given organs. I am a person who has succeeded to find such a dream-like true medical art and steadily get results with it. In this sense, I describe how to keep health truly in this book, which is, of course, disclosed by God.

Translated by N.H.