Human Organism is Entirely United

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

Let me describe how wrong modern medicine is. There are various medical specialities such as neurology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, urology, paediatrics, gynaecology and so on, as well as internal medicine and surgery. That is terribly wrong. Please think that a human being is not like a doll that is made by connecting different pre-made parts such as limbs and torso. The entire structure of the human organism is mutually related. Let me give you a few examples of this.

I had heavy bleeding with bowel movements before. It made the toilet bowl turn bright red. The bleeding continued for two weeks and stopped suddenly. Before it happened, I always felt heavy in the back of my head. When I had a long talk, I had an unbearable feeling of pressure on my head. However, I felt very light after bleeding. Since I had already known the fallacy of medical science, I left the bleeding. If I had seen the doctor, he would have diagnosed me with haemorrhoid and might have stopped the bleeding. Through this experience, I knew that haemorrhoidal bleeding was associated with the brain.

The second example is about a toothache. A certain young woman had a toothache. Her pain was relieved soon after she received Johrei. However, she had pain again the next day. When I examined her, she had stiffness in her lymph gland. When I performed Johrei towards it, her pain had gone soon. However, she had pain again the following day. When I carefully examined her, I found a hardening between the ribs. Her pain had gone after I performed Johrei towards it. She, however, came to see me again the following day. She said she had pain. I examined the lower part of her body and found a hardening in the cecum part. When I performed Johrei towards it, her toothache was completely healed. Let me explain what that means. That woman had an appendix operation before. Disinfectants used during the surgery had remained in her body and become pus. The pus was about to ooze out from the gum, which caused pain. For this reason, this toothache couldn’t be cured at a dental clinic. In this sense, you would understand that the human body is entirely united.

Let me give you one more example. A person had a high fever, cough and sputum. The doctor diagnosed him with pulmonary tuberculosis. When I examined him, I surprisingly found a hardening in the right inguinal region. I thought that was the true cause. When I performed Johrei towards that region, he completely recovered in a short period. I said to him, “Your lung was in the crotch!” We laughed at each other a lot. Let me explain what happened. Purification action had occurred in the crotch. It accompanied a slight fever, which changes the hardening into sputum. Then the sputum moved into the lung. Therefore, he coughed up sputum. The doctor misdiagnosed his symptom as pulmonary tuberculosis. This happens very often. It is also a good example for you to know that the human body is entirely united.

Compare this to a county, for example, Japan. It is impossible for one side of the Kanto region to prosper and the other side of the Kansai region to decline. Since both regions are linked like a chain, they influence each other. Unless medical science realises this reason, it will never become true medicine no matter how much study is continued.

Translated by N.H.