Is Japanese Encephalitis Transmitted by Mosquitoes?

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

These days, Japanese encephalitis is considered to be transmitted by mosquitoes in medical science. This is completely wrong. Here I tell you the result of our research. Japanese encephalitis is more likely to occur in children. Statistics says that children from six to ten years old are most susceptible to this disease. It also says that Japanese encephalitis most often occurs from the end of summer to the beginning of autumn. We must deeply consider it. Many mosquitoes grow and get active during that period. Therefore, it is no wonder that medical science considered mosquitoes as an infectious agent. In a certain study, researchers injected crushed many mosquitoes into guinea pigs. As a result, they developed Japanese encephalitis. Therefore, they were convinced that mosquitoes caused encephalitis.

However, we have a completely different opinion. Human beings are not the same as guinea pigs. I rather think that there are many differences between human beings and animals. God has revealed the cause of Japanese encephalitis in His medicine. Therefore, without exception, this disease can be completely cured by His medicine in a short period. Under such a circumstance, mosquitoes are no longer a problem even if they truly transmit Japanese encephalitis. Here let me explain the true cause of Japanese encephalitis.

To begin with, every human being is sure to have more or less congenital and acquired toxins in their body. Toxins mean toxic blood and pus. When the human body is stimulated for some reason, toxins must gather in a stimulated area. I give you examples for easy understanding. When moxibustion is set up on a certain body part, it becomes swollen and red. On extreme occasions, it is infected. When a person is beaten or hit an object, the affected part surely becomes swollen and red. It is because toxic blood gathers there as I described above. When we uncover this reason further, the cause of Japanese encephalitis is easily found.

When children play outside under the scorching sun, most of them don’t wear a cap. Especially, children from six to 10 years old tend not to do so. Then their heads are heated by the sun, which is as if they are set up moxibustion on their heads. When their brains are stimulated by the heat of the sun, toxins all over their backs are about to move and gather in their brains. This action is proved by the fact that the area around both sides of the medulla oblongata hardens like a stick and generates heat. It happens because toxins temporarily gather and remain there before moving towards the brain. Then the toxins are about to invade the cerebellum. This action immediately causes children to fell asleep. Here a problem arises. Medical treatment is sure to apply at this moment. Children are cooled with ice. Then toxins harden and remain there. In other words, medical treatment stops the cause of Japanese encephalitis from being healed naturally. This is a terrible mistake. On the contrary, when Johrei is performed on those children, the toxins go through the brain from the cerebellum and start to discharge from the eyes and nostrils. The severer the symptom is, the more toxins come off. All toxins usually come off in a few days and Japanese encephalitis is healed. It is very easily done. Children are completely cured at the longest in a week without exception. After the recovery, children become clearer-headed than before. They are sure to do better at school. I described the course as it is. There is no exaggeration in my description. When children have medical treatment, however, they have a poor prognosis. They suffer from some aftereffects; they become dull and suffer from mild dementia. Their arms and legs become disabled and so on. Therefore, people are afraid of this disease. Why do such things happen? Toxins naturally discharge. If children are cooled with ice, however, toxins stop discharging and harden in the brain just before they are passing through the cerebellum. The remaining toxins interfere with brain activity. I have no words about how wrong modern medicine is.

Here I also explain encephalomyelitis. This symptom can be said to be one step before that of Japanese encephalitis. When a person suffers from encephalomyelitis, toxins concentrate on only the area of the medulla oblongata and then harden. Since this disease occurs during winter, the brain is not exposed to the scorching sun like during the summer. For this reason, compare to the case of Japanese encephalitis, the toxins in the area of the medulla oblongata become much harder. A patient cannot move their neck back and forth at all. It happens because toxins don’t invade the cerebellum as when Japanese encephalitis occurs.

From the above, you would understand clearly that Japanese encephalitis is nothing related to mosquitoes. It is a natural purification action.

Translated by N.H.