Main Disease: (4) Liver, Gallbladder and Kidney Stone

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Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

Liver disease diagnosed by doctors is not a true liver disease. There is nothing wrong with the liver but toxic medicine solidifies outside of the liver. They misdiagnose this condition as liver disease. As the solidified toxins press the liver, it causes not only pain but also jaundice. That is rather bothersome. Since the toxins press the liver, the gallbladder just behind the liver is also pressed. As a result, the gallbladder bile exudes and pervades the whole body. This symptom is called jaundice. However, jaundice is not only the cause of the change in skin colour. It also inhibits gastric activity as the bile is to help gastric digestion. The bile is constantly sent to the stomach through the bile duct. When a person suffers from jaundice, the bile cannot satisfactory flow into the stomach for the above reason. Therefore, this disease won’t be completely cured as long as the toxins solidified outside of the liver is dissolved and discharged. That is the cause of jaundice. However, it is impossible with medical treatment. The only thing it can do is to use the method of reducing the symptom temporarily and having a remission from the disease.

Here I explain calculus. Gallbladder stone is most frequently caused. It is the hard mass formed in the gallbladder. When this stone mixed with bile flows into the stomach, it can hardly go through the bile duct so that it causes unbearable severe pain. Therefore, doctors consider gallbladder stone is especially difficult to treat. I’ve heard the stone is recently taken out from the throat to the stomach by a thin wire-like tool but that seems not to be effective. If this stone is small enough to go through the duct, it flows down and goes into the kidney. Then the stone is coated by the urea in the kidney and gradually glows larger. It finally becomes a kidney stone. The trouble is, when the kidney works, the stone touches and scratches the kidney wall, where urine soaks into. That causes pain and bleeding and doctors diagnose this symptom with kidney tuberculosis. The stone gradually grows. If it grows critically larger, the surgery is undergone to remove the diseased kidney. At that time, the stone must be so hard. I’ve seen the rings, cufflinks and so forth worked on kidney stones that are very shiny as if they are genuine gems. If a stone is small enough, it flows into the bladder and grows larger as a stone does in the kidney. That is a bladder stone. The most troublesome thing is the stone is occasionally stuck in the urinary opening. Even if the stone can go through it, it might be stuck in the urethral opening this time. In both cases, the stone prevents urine from discharging. Then the urine accumulates and the lower abdomen becomes bloated. A doctor inserts a bougie to remove the stone. It could work for the stone stuck in the urethral opening. As for the stone in the urinary opening, however, it can be hardly removed with this device. Consequently, it develops a life-threatening disease.

Here I describe the cause of gallbladder stone as first mentioned. As I previously described, when the toxins exuded from the kidney gradually transfer to the upper parts of the kidney, they penetrate the gallbladder from its backside. Then these toxins are combined with the bile and become a stone. The root cause of gallbladder stones is the toxins that are solidified on the backside of the kidney. Therefore, the toxins should be dissolved. Consequently, that stimulates the kidney function which stops surplus urine exuding from the kidney. This is the only way to be completely healed. When you perform Johrei, the stone is relatively easily decomposed into a sand-like substance, discharged with urine and completely disappeared in a short period.

Translated by N.H.