Main Disease: (5) Neuralgia and Rheumatism

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Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

When you simply say neuralgia, there is a variety of neuralgia depending on where to develop, usually in hands or legs and between libs. It is often complicated by rheumatism. Briefly speaking, it causes nerve pain only externally and there is nothing wrong with the internal organs. The pain caused by osteomyelitis is the exception. It is caused when purification occurs on the toxic medicine solidified in bones. As for so-called intercostal neuralgia in medical science, it is actually ‘rib’ neuralgia so its name is somewhat irrelevant. It is caused by the toxic medicine solidified in libs, which starts to be dissolved by purification and inflow into the lung as phlegm. This process stimulates the nerves and causes pain. When it happens intensively, a patient feels severe pain and might have difficulty breathing. However, it would be easily healed.

Some neuralgia is caused by gonorrhoea. It is usually caused in arm joints and comparatively smoothly healed. Most of the neuralgia is caused by toxic medicine such as injection. It will be naturally healed when a person endures pain and leaves it as it is. Then the toxin gradually accumulates in a certain part and becomes swollen red. After that, a hole is naturally made and the toxin is discharged through it as pus. Neuralgia will be healed. Here I should explain Pavinals injection poisoning, which is unidentified in medical science. It causes pain in the whole body skin but is also easily healed when it is left as it is. Nevertheless, various injections are made in medical science, which makes it difficult to be healed.

Let us move on to rheumatism. As you know, it causes a red very painful swelling on the hands, legs, fingers and so on. It is because the toxin accumulates in joints and becomes swollen, which is about to be discharged. This process causes pain, which is so unbearable that a patient might scream. In medical science, a diseases part is hardened to unable to move. When it becomes hard, the patient feels no longer pain but the joint will be never moved instead. It is like a stick and the patient becomes a kind of disabled and a lame person forever. It is such a terrible disease. Even, for this reason, you would see medical science relieves only pain but doesn’t cure disease and makes a person disabled. On the contrary, when you perform Johrei, the disease will be easily and completely cured in a short period. The trouble is, when a person is given medical treatment such as an ice application, ointment, injection and so on, the more the medical treatment is given, the longer it takes time to be cured. In short, a patient spent a lot of money on medical treatment, and in the end, he is disabled by it. What a troublesome world! Therefore, when a person has none of the medical treatment given and performs Johrei from the beginning, the disease will be completely cured within a week.

Translated by N.H.