Main Disease: (3) Asthma

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Science Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

As for asthma, medical science doesn’t find out at all what it is. Their explanation of asthma is almost out of the question. Some say it is one of the allergic diseases or caused by vagotonia or hypersensitiveness. Others say the cause of asthma is related to food or land, even the structure of the room and the colour of the wall, which are rather funny. Therefore, I explain asthma in detail as much as possible.

As the medical science of the brain even explains, asthma is roughly divided into two types. They are bronchial and cardiac asthma (the latter is recently called allergic asthma, too). I describe cardiac asthma first. In this case, toxic medicine solidifies outside the diaphragm first. When the purification occurs, the toxins are dissolved into liquid by a slight fever and about to infiltrate into the lung to come out as sputum. At this time, however, the distance between the diaphragm and the lung is not close enough for the toxic fluid to infiltrate into the lung. Consequently, the lung inflates as much as possible to absorb them. In the case of toxins between the libs dissolved by the purification, they can hardly infiltrate into the lung if a patient suffers from pleural thickening. Therefore, the lung also inflates as much as possible to absorb them. Most cardiac asthma is caused by the two conditions that I described above. The lung takes such intense action, which consequently reduces its important ability to inhale air. Thus, a patient becomes suffocated. The following facts prove this well. When the toxic fluid is infiltrated into the lung and come out with phlegm, the attack of asthma becomes temporarily relieved. Asthma is also said to be relieved for a while when the patient suffers from pneumonia. It is because solidified toxins are dissolved by high fever and come out as phlegm. When you touch around an asthma patient’s diaphragm with your fingers, you will never fail to find a solidified substance. That makes you understand my theory is true.

Then I explain bronchial asthma. In this case, toxic medicine solidified around the libs is gradually dissolved by purification. Just like cardiac asthma, the pumping action occurs in the lung to suck the toxic fluid. This action is called coughing. Then the toxins are discharged as phlegm and the symptom temporarily becomes mild. The more phlegm is discharged, the sooner asthma is cured. However, medical science doesn’t know this truth and the method of hardening toxins is undergone. Consequently, only a little amount of phlegm is discharged. Worse still, toxins are added. Asthma becomes hardly cured and then chronic. It is as if a person draws water with a basket. For this reason, some people have been suffering from asthma for decades but cannot be cured. When I think of this, I do nothing but be so sorry for the patient and doctors. Therefore, I do always think to make them understand this truth.

Translated by N.H.