Stomach Disease

Creation of Civilization
Science Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

I should explain the lung here in sequence but omit it as I have fully described them in the previous chapter. Now I move on to the stomach. I have previously explained that most diseases are caused by toxic medicine. The diseases related to the stomach are caused in particular by it and it is not too much to say that all stomach diseases are caused by toxic medicine. I explain this in detail now. Everyone has often experienced to overeat, felt indigestion and have heartburn by chance. These symptoms are naturally healed if they are left as they are. Nevertheless, a person soon takes stomach medicine as he thinks everything is healed as long as taking medicine. Then the symptom once seems to get better so that he thinks the disease is completely healed. The truth is, however, this dose of medicine might become the cause of death in the future. This is big trouble. In a word, the seeds of disease are sown by a dose of medicine.

It is because he will never fail to get an upset stomach again after a while and then takes medicine again and so forth. He finally gets addicted as if he is a drug addict and cannot help without medicine. When things become like this, it is all over. He has already become a stomach medicine addict. Therefore, he goes to see a doctor. The doctor diagnosed him with dyspepsia, indigestion, gastric catarrh, hyperacidity and so on and told him not to eat this kind of food and to take this medicine and this kind of care. When he carries out just what the doctor said, he once feels getting a little better but never recovers or rather steadily gets worse. He comes down with various symptoms one after another such as pain, nausea, heartburn, loss of appetite and so on. He can’t help but takes medicine. Then he feels better for a while so that he is convinced that the medicine cures disease and relies on it more and more. However, the medicine, which works at the beginning, becomes ineffective little by little. He, therefore, takes different medicine one after another. It works a little only when he starts to use it. Then he relies on it for a while but it becomes ineffective again. Consequently, he becomes, so to speak, a stomach medicine addict. While doing such things, he finally vomits blood from the mouth. He thinks something awful has happened and goes to see a doctor. The doctor tells him that he suffers from a stomach ulcer and can’t take it back unless he takes enough care of himself. The doctor also tells him firstly to stop eating solid food, then to eat liquid food only, to rest and so on, treating him like a severely ill patient.

This is a typical course from the beginning to the end. To tell the truth, quite a few people follow the same path. Therefore, let us think about this from the beginning. When a person first gets a stomach upset, it will be cured if he leaves it as it is. Nevertheless, people of today, who do believe in the superstition of medical science, worry that disease is never cured without taking medicine or getting worse if it is left. Consequently, they go to see a doctor as soon as possible, use over the counter medicine and so on. For this reason, medicine has created severe stomach diseases. What a horrifying and ridiculous story it is! Let me explain why that is caused. Most of the stomach medicine is, of course, used to promote digestion and made mainly from baking powder. As you know, it is used to soften something so it is often added to make Japanese boiled dishes. For this reason, if a person always takes digestive medicine, not only food but also the wall of his stomach gradually become soft. When he happens to eat something hard under that condition, it scratches the wall of his stomach and blood comes out of the wound. The larger the wounded part is, the more blood comes out. The vomited blood is very bright red but the colour of blood depends on the person, which might be like coffee liquid and sometimes mixed with a black clot. The black clot is old, discoloured and solidified blood. Faeces are also sometimes found mixing with a black plot. It is old blood coming out of the wound and accumulates and hardens on the bottom of the stomach. Then it melts and comes out. When a person vomits this coffee-coloured old blood, however, he vomits a lot. Some patients vomit about 1.8 to 5.4 littles every day. Even if that is the case, they easily recover in our way of curing. As for medical science, on the contrary, doctors consider that this disease is difficult to be cured. Since medicine causes disease, they must feel disgraced. In any case, the disease isn’t cured unless a person stops taking medicine. Therefore, it would be not too much to say that this disease is cured if a person stops taking medicine and waits patiently. Let me explain how to do it. While blood comes out even a little, a patient should have liquid food. After no blood is found, he starts to have ordinary food little by little. Then I explain other stomach diseases.

Gastric hyperacidity is the most common symptom. It literally means the disease which causes lots of acid in the stomach. Since medicine changes into acid, this disease will be steadily cured when he stops taking medicine. The next is stomach pain and the most severe symptom of this is stomach cramps. When a person suffers from stomach cramps, the pain is intolerable. In medical science, morphine is used to numb his sense temporarily and to reduce the pain, so it comes again soon. In this way, the patient easily becomes addicted. This disease is also caused by medicine so let me explain how to be caused.

When a person takes medicine, it once enters the stomach and stays there because it is not digested as I previously described. Since human beings lie on their back when sleeping, medicine goes through the stomach, falls, becomes solid and stays in the back. Then it is dissolved and returned to the stomach by purification. At that time medicine has already changed into a toxic substance. Consequently, the stomach tries to discharge it, which stimulates nerves and causes pain. Therefore, when stomach cramps occur, do nothing but be patient for a while. When a person is free from the pain, toxic substances are discharged as diarrhoea and he is completely cured. It is unavoidable this happens many times until all toxic substances are discharged but the symptom must become lighter than the previous one and so on. At last, it becomes completely cured.

The next is stomach cancer. It is divided into two types; false and genuine. The larger number of stomach cancer is a false one. Then a genuine one is caused for a spiritual reason. Since it should be religiously described, I explain only false stomach cancer here. It is, of course, caused by a toxic substance. As I explained above, when it once hardens in the back and then returns to the stomach, medical treatment stops to discharge it, which consequently hardens again. It is more toxic than the previous one as the substance has already become toxic and then hardens again. That is called cancer but it is not all the case. It depends on the character of medicine. When it is left, although it takes time, it is sure to be cured.

Translated by N.H.