Creation of Civilization
Science Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

The most important function of the human body is the heart. It should be called the king of human body functions. Therefore, unless the fundamental nature of heart function is understood, true pathology will be never established. It is also convinced by the fact that all organs except the heart can be operated on in medical science. For this reason, the function of the heart is essential but medical science doesn’t understand exactly what it is. It would consider that the function of the heart is only being supplied oxygen from lungs and purifying blood. This idea is insignificant. Then I will explain what the true function of the heart is in detail.

First of all, this function is most closely related to the spiritual world. Therefore, you should know the following fact in advance. Those are the constituent elements of the earth. As I previously explained, they are constructed of three stories; the first is the world of spirit, the second is the world of air and the third is the world of phenomenon. In a word, the essence of the first one is the element of fire, the second one is the element of water and the third one is the element of soil. In another word, the first one is certainly the spirit of fire, the second one is the spirit of water and the third one is the spirit of the earth. Since everything is generated and raised by the power of these three elements, even human beings are not the exception. Their lives are, of course, maintained by this power.

Then the main functions of absorbing these three elements are the heart, lung and stomach. In other words, the heart absorbs the element of fire from the world of spirit, the lung absorbs the element of water from the world of air and the stomach absorbs the element of soil from the material world. Therefore, when you see the structure of the human body based on this theory, you would understand it very well. Nevertheless, we only knew that the lung sucks air and the stomach absorbs food until now. Consequently, we never know the heart absorbs the spirit of fire. Why was it so? There is a reason. It is because air and food are scientifically possible to be measured but the function of the heart cannot be measured as the world of spirit is regarded as nothing. This is inevitable since the spiritual world cannot be grasped with a mechanical method. In a word, only two out of three elements were found but the other one was not. To tell the truth, however, this one is more important than the rest of the two. Unless it is understood, complete medical science will be never established. Therefore, it is needless to say the scientific theory until now is so to speak disabled. As stated above, the function of the heart is to absorb the most important element of fire, the lung is to absorb the element of water and the stomach is to absorb the element of soil. Human beings are alive by these functions.

As for disease, however, it is the elimination action of toxic substances as I explained many times. In this process, heat is required to dissolve the hardened toxic substances. Since the heart takes the role of absorbing this heat, it needs the element of fire more than usual. Consequently, the heart should work more actively. For this reason, the heart beats fast when a person has a fever. At the same time, he feels a chill as the body temperature becomes insufficient. It is because the heat of the body is given to the heart. Since the more moisture is added to the heat, the more the power of heat gains, the lungs should supply moisture more to the heart to help its function. As a result, frequently breathing also occurs. A person also loses appetite when he has a fever. It is because the heart draws the quantity of heat for digestion. In this way, when the hardened toxic substances are dissolved, the heat is not required anymore. The body temperature becomes reduced. From these explanations, you would understand what the heart really is.

translated by N.H.