Main Disease: (1) Kidney Disease and Other Diseases

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Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952


I have roughly described the three most important human functions. From now on, I will explain the main diseases.

The kidney takes the second most important role in the three major human functions; heart, lung and stomach. As medical science also explains, a kidney once collects liquid and extracts variable hormones out of it. The remained waste liquid is sent to a bladder as urine. That would be true if the kidney perfectly worked. The truth is kidney function usually deteriorates more and more as a person gets older; from his childhood to boy, youth and middle age. It is because the kidney atrophies. This is a troublesome problem but why does it do so? It is because foreign substances might be mixed with the liquid which should be divided into only hormones and urine in the kidney as I described above. This substance is, needless to say, toxic medicine. Then how is it processed? Since it is not processed into hormones nor urine, it percolates through the surface of the kidney, leaches and accumulates on its backside little by little. Then it solidifies and presses the kidney. Consequently, the kidney gradually atrophies and produces fewer hormones (which might cause frigidity). Along with this defect, the processing of urine gets slow down and a part of urine percolates out of the kidney. Then the percolated urine becomes toxic which is added to and mixed with toxic medicine, so that solidified toxins becomes bigger and bigger, accumulates in both sides of the spine, goes up, extends and finally reaches around shoulders and a neck. Shoulder and neck stiffness is caused by both of these toxic substances. Interestingly, we can recognise which toxins cause stiffness. When pushing the affected part, if it hurts and is firm and stubborn, it is caused by toxic medicine. If it is softer and doesn’t hurt very much, it is caused by a uremic toxin. Then these toxic substances finally enter the head. As a result, purification action occurs, which means all kinds of brain diseases such as meningitis, Japanese encephalitis, cerebrospinal meningitis, cerebral haemorrhage and so on. Of course, the heaviness of the head and headache are included. When you just touch your head, you can easily find whether having toxic substances or not in the head. If you feel something warm there, you have toxic substances. The warmer you feel, the more you have toxic substances in the head. I think there is probably no modern people who don’t have toxic substances in the head.

Let me explain some brain diseases as I mentioned above. Meningitis is the rapid and intense purification caused by solidified toxins in the forehead. Children easily suffer from this disease as they have vigorous purification potential. Then I describe the characteristics of this disease. When a person suffers from meningitis, he has a high fever, severe pain in the forehead and cannot open his eyes because he feels dazzling and dizzy. While he leaves as he is, solidified toxins will be dissolved, excreted as tears and a runny nose. Then meningitis is completely cured. Furthermore, his brain works more than before. For example, children become doing very well at school, which doctors and general people might not believe. On the contrary, medical treatment such as a cooling method or so solidifies toxic substances. Under this treatment, the fever once lowers and meningitis seems to be cured, but the solidified toxins disturb the activity of brain functions, which causes such defective symptoms as dementia and others.

We move on to another disease or Japanese encephalitis. Statistics say the largest number of children from 5 to about ten years old suffer from this disease. It is because, when they play outside without wearing caps under the scorching sun of the midsummer, their heads directly receive strong sunlight which stimulates toxins in the back, shoulders and so on. Then they start to concentrate on their brains. In this process, toxins once concentrate around the medulla oblongata. If you touch there, you will find a stick-shaped substance. When this substance is dissolved by high fever and moves into the back of their head, they feel sleepy very much. Under medical treatment, this substance is solidified by using the cooling method. As a result, they have an equally poor prognosis as meningitis. Therefore, what you have to do is just leave it as you do for meningitis. When you do so, the toxins in the hindbrain naturally go through the brain and frequently discharge from eyes and nostrils as bloody pus. When all of them discharge, Japanese encephalitis is completely cured. It takes a week at most. Besides, children and so forth become doing very well at school after they are cured of this disease just like meningitis. Japanese encephalitis is no harm to life after all. Nevertheless, a patient dies due to wrong treatments such as the cooling method, which are just opposite to our way. As I described, Japanese encephalitis is caused during the summer. Cerebrospinal meningitis is contrarily caused in winter. It causes stick-like toxins to solidify around the medulla oblongata as Japanese encephalitis does, but toxins stay there without reaching the brain as the sunshine is not enough to expose the head in winter, unlike summer. Because of these stick-like toxins, just like a log, the neck cannot move back and forth. That is a characteristic symptom of this. Since the same process is followed as Japanese encephalitis does, I omit its description.

Then I explain various symptoms in detail other than ones of brain diseases. As I previously explained, nephrosclerosis causes toxins to move towards the head and some of them stay and harden around the medulla oblongata. They oppress blood vessels, disturb to send blood to eyeballs, which causes anaemia. In a word, eyes have poor nutrition so that person’s eyesight becomes poor and he cannot see far. That is the cause of the short-sighted. The following fact proves this well; as that hardened toxins are dissolved, the short-sighted is completely cured. Astigmatism is also caused in a similar process but the differences are how purification affects the person. As for astigmatism, hardened toxins always move, irregularly oppress blood vessels, which causes a person’s eyesight to fluctuate. When toxins accumulate and harden in the eyeground, they block the optic nerves which causes a person to lose his sight. This is an internal hindrance. Cataracts and glaucoma are caused when toxins harden in the eyeball itself. They are also dissolved naturally and then completely cured when you leave them as they are. Nevertheless, under the medical treatment, eye drops, an eyeball injection or so are undergone. Therefore, the toxins are solidified by those toxic medicines and as a result, even curable eye disease is not cured. The toxins concentrating in the brain try to excrete from eyeballs in search of an exit. In this process, toxins once concentrate in eyeballs, dissolve again and come out as pus, eye mucus, tears or so. In this way, all eye diseases must be cured when you leave them, even if it might take time. As for trachoma, the toxins in the brain try to excrete through the mucous membrane behind the eyelid. In this process, toxins become rush and discharge as pus. Therefore, it will be naturally and easily cured when you leave it.

Let us move on to nose diseases. As for nasal polyps, hypertrophic rhinitis, nasal catarrh and so on, they are caused when toxins in the brain once concentrate in both sides of the nose, the back of the nose, nostrils and so on and then excrete. All of them should be naturally cured. On the contrary, various treatments are given in medical science which causes those diseases to become incurable. Then I describe a middle ear infection. It is caused when solidified toxins near the parotid gland and lymph gland are dissolved by high fever, make a hole in the bone, enter the middle ear once and come out by breaking through the eardrum. In this process, a patient has pain but he will be steadily cured when leaving them for a few days.

The next disease is tonsillitis. It is caused when toxins near the lymph gland solidify in tonsils day by day. Then they are dissolved by high fever and excreted by breaking through the mucous membrane. This is a very simple purification action and fine. In medical science, however, liniments such as Lugol’s iodine solution are used. They obstruct the purification and the disease grows worse. Worse still, tonsils finally become swollen very much and a patient is forced to undergo an operation. When you suffer from tonsillitis, therefore, please try to leave it without doing anything. If you do so, you will be steadily cured in a short period. Furthermore, every time you suffer from tonsillitis, the symptom becomes milder than before and you will be completely cured at last. I am so convinced by my experience to cure chronic tonsillitis many times without exceptions. The same result is also given by my apprentices who are taught how to cure it.

Here I give you an interesting topic. It is about pyorrhea, which might not be common but is relatively troublesome. It is a kind of purification, too. In this process, toxins near the lymph gland concentrate into the gum and try to discharge from there as bloody pus. I think there is nothing dirtier than this. It is because toxins are originally made by old urine and they come out from the mouth. It is easy to cure this disease. Only you have to do is rub the gum with a hard toothbrush. When all of the bloody pus comes out, pyorrhea will be cured. That is all.

Please remember what I described in the chapter “Cold”. I explained that a cold is caused by toxins solidified in the parts of the body above the shoulders. Then it is clear that those toxins originally come from kidneys as I described above. If that is the case, you would comprehend that a cold, tuberculosis, pneumonia and most of the other diseases are caused by nephrosclerosis. Besides, pleurisy, peritonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia and women’s diseases are, of course, caused by this defect. Caries, liver disease, jaundice, diabetes, calculus in the gall bladder, kidney and urinary bladder, asthma, paralysis, infantile paralysis and mental disorder are all the same. Therefore, the first condition of health is truly not to cause kidneys to shrink. I will take turns in explaining these diseases in detail and you will understand when you read what I describe.

For this reason, it is essential to have kidneys work perfectly. To do so, the solidified toxins, which causes kidneys to atrophy, must be dissolved and discharged. Along with this, we must not create toxins. That is impossible if using any kind of medical treatment. The only way is to apply our Johrei, by which the world without disease would be realised.

Translated by N.H.