Ill Effect of Toxic Medicine

Creation of Civilization
Science Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

As I explained in the previous chapter, the sins of human beings generate impurities in their souls, these impurities reflect their spirits through their minds and become clouds. The process of purifying these clouds is called disease. If so, it is most obvious there is no other way but to eliminate the clouds to cure the disease. However, when Hippocrates in the West and Shennong in the East had sick people take medicine or medical plant, the pain was temporarily relieved. People approved this treatment and they became founders of the medical treatment. From this time, people have already fallen into error. The pain is temporarily reduced by using the medicine, indeed.  People in those days simply thought it was the way to cure the disease. Considering the human knowledge of this time, it is no wonder to think so, yet people of today have still thought so. I do wonder why they are so wrong-headed.

However, the disease as the cause of unhappiness for human beings will be finally solved since I was born. The grateful time has finally come. Therefore, it is obvious today’s civilisation would be completely turned around and the ideal world would be realised.

As stated above, human beings have taken medicine in their body from a long time ago to today. Consequently, every person of today gets addicted to medicine. Since medicine is toxic, as I previously described, it remains in the human body and becomes the cause of disease. Despite this, medical science considers the medicine is naturally eliminated. This is very wrong. As a matter of fact, in principle, medicine is never eliminated as long as a person is alive. I tell you my experience with this. More than thirty-six years ago, I had my teeth pulled out to put in dentures instead. When the extraction holes were filled with a disinfectant, I started to have a toothache. Then medicine was used again to relieve the pain but my pain was gradually getting worse. I went to see a famous dentist one after another but never recovered. I finally had no way out. You would see how terrible my condition was since I had four teeth pulled out until then, yet I couldn’t recover. Worse still, toxic medicine affected even my brain. I was driven into a corner and nearly ended up going mad or committing suicide. However, God saved me. I found out the cause of the pain was medicine for a particular reason. Then I stopped seeing dentists. I was gradually getting better and I am well now. Surprisingly, I still feel a little bit of pain even now and I perform Johrei by myself almost every day. From my experience, you would see very well that toxic medicine is never eliminated even if it was taken more than a few decades ago.

As you can see what I described above, medicine is never eliminated. It is because God created human beings and the whole thing including food and others for them to live. He gave the soil and rivers the ability to do so. The air, the sun, the moon, stars as well as plants, minerals and so on are all the same. Even simply saying food, it has a certain condition, in which food is divided into two types; what to eat and what not to eat. Accordingly, God gives human beings a sense of taste and adds food to taste. There is also a wide variety of food, all of which are made to adapt to human health or its environment. For example, a person wants to eat something salty when he needs sodium and something sweet when needing sweetness. He also becomes thirsty when he needs water. In these ways, human beings are naturally motivated by necessity. Along with this, human digestive functions are also created to satisfy a certain condition. In other words, what to eat is digested but what not to eat is not digested but remained. For this reason, medicine is not digested nor processed as it is a foreign substance. It also changes into a toxic substance when getting old. Since the disease is the elimination action of the toxic substance, medicine is namely the cause of the disease. Sputum, runny nose, sweat, pus, impure blood and so on are all the things which toxic medicine are changed. Therefore, there is nothing as terrible as medicine in the world.

Since human beings didn’t know it, they have created diseases to cure it. You would see what a terrible mistake they did. There is no such ridiculous story in the world. If that is the case, when people are informed of only this fact, it is needless to say what great salvation it is. Above all else, specialists should believe in my theory and compare it with the disease. They would see there is no mistake about it.

As you can see what I described above, since human beings have misinterpreted disease for a long time, they have been far from solving the problem of the disease. They have contrarily created and added new types of the disease until today. Worse still, this mistake becomes the cause of poverty and conflict. More than anything, this ignorance should be enlightened, otherwise true civilisation would be never created. People of today are incomparably poorer in health than the people in primitive times, who had no toxic medicine. Various documentary records prove that human longevity for ordinary people was more than one hundred years old in the time when they didn’t use the medicine.

I didn’t believe that Sukune Takenouchi had lived to be three hundred and six years old but when I knew his family linage last year, I was convinced it was true. In his family, the oldest person was three hundred forty-nine years old, the second oldest was in his three hundred twenties and the third oldest was in his three hundred teens. Sukune Takenouchi was the fourth oldest when I recall. That was from about two thousand to seventeen to sixteen hundred years ago. It must have been before Chinese medicine was introduced to Japan. The historical records also show most of the Emperors lived to be over one hundred years old from the era of Emperor Jinmu to one thousand and several hundred years ago.

Recently people are delighted the life spans in the U.S.A and Japan get a little longer. It is not because of the advancement of medical science. There is another reason and I will explain it later. In short, it would be fine you just comprehend that all causes of disease are toxic medicine. Numerous experiences of mine prove that all the pain of disease, such as ache, itch, having a fever, discomfort and so on, is caused by toxic medicine. Congenitally possessed toxins such as congenital syphilis, leprosy, smallpox, measles, whooping cough and so on are also all the toxic medicine. Above all else, there would be probably less than one out of ten modern people who are disease-free. Everyone suffers from some kind of disease. It is said there are few families, none of whose members suffers from the disease even if their numbers are quite a few. One or two of their members would also enter the hospital in a year. There would be few people who take none of the medicine, either. In this way, modern people become weaker so that they are afraid of disease very much. As a result, necessary cost, anxiety and effort for the disease would tremendously affect them.

Therefore, if all medicines in this world were thrown into the sea, the disease would be gradually reduced from that time and completely eradicated in decades. It can be affirmed the world without disease will be realised.

I will explain the main diseases now. Since the heart, lung and stomach are the three basic functions of the human body, let me explain them first.

Translated by N.H.