Spirt Leads and Form Follows

Creation of Civilization
Science Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

As I described in the previous chapter, I explain the relationship between the world of inorganic and human disease. The world of inorganic is, what we call, spiritual world. Then I explain the relationship between this spiritual world and human beings. To begin with, a human being is made up of two elements: spirit and body which are inseparable. Anyone can, of course, recognise the body as it is a visible object, whereas the spirit has not been found for a long time as it is invisible. However, it does exist as a kind of ether.


If so, it can be identified appropriately. It means there is a human spirit in the spiritual world. That is the same sense as there is a human body existing in the air. As I previously described, the spiritual world is a transparent realm made up of particles which is incomparably finer than those in the air. It is no wonder it has been regarded as nothing until today. However, it is not at all nothing. It is rather the origin of the universe and owns absolute and infinite power. Everything is created and raised by this power.


Then the essence of the spiritual world is a complete fusion of the spirit of the sun, the spirit of the moon and that of the earth. It is a miraculous realm beyond our imagination. The point is, however, that impurities accumulate in the human spirit, as the dirt accumulates on the human body when the human play its role. Therefore, so-called purification action occurs to purify the impurities, as the dirt of the human body is washed off by bathing. This process occurs not only to human beings but also to all things existing in the universe. For example, impurities accumulate in the spiritual realm of the earth, they concentrate in particular areas by a natural process and are purified by a purification action using low pressure. A storm, a flood, lightning and human-caused fire are all the same and human beings also follow this process. Let me explain the reason for this in detail.


As stated above, an accumulation of impurities in the human spirit is a sort of spiritual cloud. This cloud is an opaque part generated in the human spirit which is originally transparent. However, there are two types of causes for this impurity. Firstly, clouds can appear in the spirit itself. Secondly, clouding can be transferred back to the spirit from the body.


I explain the former point first. The human spirit is primarily constructed centripetally three stories when it’s vertically described, and three layers when horizontally described. You just imagine the shape of a three-layered sphere. In the centre of this structure, there is, of course, the soul. When a human is born to this world, the soul is dwelt in the womb of woman through man’s body by the law of nature. It is originally a microscopic dot and every soul has its character. As everyone knows, the soul has absolute control of human beings as long as they are alive. The soul is covered by the mind to protect, and the mind is covered by the spirit. The spirit fills in the whole body, so it is the same figure as the human body.


Since a spirit and a body invariably work together, the state of the soul is reflected in the spirit through the mind and vice versa. In this way, the relation between the soul, the mind, and the spirit is such as large, medium and small, or small, medium and large one another. It is, so to speak, the Trinity. All humans will do something good and also something bad in a lifetime. In that case, if the amount of bad deeds exceeds that of good, the remaining amount of bad deeds will be piled up as sins. They are reflected in the soul as clouds. Then the mind is become impure by clouds and finally, the spirit becomes cloudy. When these clouds are piled up and exceed a certain amount, purification action naturally takes place and start the dissolution and removal of impurity. Before this process starts, however, clouds are gradually concentrated onto one particular part or spread to some parts of the body, and then enriched and compressed. It is intriguing to know that the clouds concentrate on the different parts of the body from sin to sin. In the case of the sin committed in the eye, clouds are concentrated in the eye. The sin committed in the head is concentrated on the head and those of the chest gather in the chest. They are concentrated on their equivalent parts of the body in this manner.


Now let us move on to the latter point. Contrary to the former, the clouding is transferred to the spirit from the body. In this process, impurities are generated in the blood first. It is called impure blood. Then these impurities are precisely transferred to the spirit and changed into clouds. Just like the process of the former, clouds are gradually concentrated onto one particular part or spread to some parts, and then enriched. Originally speaking, the blood is the materialisation of the spirits and the spirit is the spiritualisation of the blood in the human body. In short, the spirit and the body invariably work together. However, because of the law between the spirit and the body, the spirit leads and the body follows. Either way, toxic substances are constantly accumulated and concentrated in the body by the causes which I described above. Then the purification action occurs, by which the concentrated toxic substances are about to be dissolved and excreted as a liquid from the various parts of the body. In this process, human beings feel pain, and that is what we call disease.


As I described above, why is the impure blood generated in the body? That cause is unexpectedly the use of medicine or the king of medical science. To tell the truth, there is primarily no medicine in the world and every single medicine of today is toxic. The impure blood is naturally generated if such toxic substances are taken in the body. The following fact is better proof than anything else. Despite taking medical treatment, diseases are sometimes not cured, prolonged or lead to a complication. It is because that toxic medicines cause diseases.


Therefore, the impure blood generated by toxic medicines is transferred to the spirit and changed into clouds. Then it becomes the cause of diseases. If that is the case, the current medical treatment method would be nothing but the cause of diseases. As I previously explained, spirit leads and form follows that is the universal law. If so, it is needless to say that the impure blood is cleaned by the removal of clouds in the spirit and diseases are completely cured. Our treatment method is applied to this principle. It is called Johrei. ‘Joh’ means to purify and ‘rei’ means spirit. Since Johrei aims to purify the spirit, diseases are completely cured by Johrei.


On the contrary, medical science has been progressed as a treatment only for the body while ignoring the spirit. Therefore, it is just a temporary method of curing after all. Under this treatment, the disease seems to be fully recovered after undergoing an operation or so. Even if it is not relapsed, it would be said that another disease never fails to occur or reoccur. That shows medical science doesn’t completely cure diseases. For example, appendicitis never occurs again after the appendix is removed but peritonitis or kidney disease is likely to be developed. It is because these parts are close to the appendix and clouds in the spirit remain there. Worse still, impure blood is increased by additional toxic medicine and transferred to the spirit as clouds. The newly generated clouds are merged with the remained ones, transfer to another part of the body and become the cause of disease.


As for the impure blood, it is changed to be much more concentrated one through the constant purification action, which causes the blood components to change. The colour of impure blood steadily changes into white, which is called pus. The condition of pus mixed with blood shows the process of blood changing into pus. When this process is further progressed, all impure blood changes into pus. For example, the sputum of a tubercular patient is mixed with blood and without blood, which depends on how much the process is progressed. This process is also called phagocytosis of red blood cells acted by white blood cells in medical science.


Translated by N.H.