World of Inorganic

Creation of Civilization
Science Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

Here I finally describe the theory of how bacteria generate and in what order they develop. To begin with, it is said the organic substances called bacteria can only be seen up to a magnification of sixty thousand even under the most advanced microscope at present. It is the highest level today but of course not at its peak point. The microscope would be developed enough to see even ultramicrobacteria someday. The only question is when it could be. Considering the current level, it must be a long way off.

From a materialistic point of view, it is said present-day science has already reached its peak point but it is in the state of having hit the wall immediately prior to the world of inorganic as the next stage. Therefore, it should break through it but in fact, it is not easy. Even if science can break through this wall, difficulties lie ahead of there. It is because from there on is a so-called almost non-existent world, which material science cannot possibly grasp.

To explain this, I would like to mention the mesonic theory which Dr Yukawa predicted. Since he was of course a scholar specialising in theoretical physics, he announced the existence of mesons theoretically first. Around that time, another scholar tried to take a picture of cosmic rays. He occasionally found some elementary particles printed on his dry plate. They were mesons. Here Dr Yukawa’s theory was experimentally confirmed. In a word, his theory was proved by experimental physics. Therefore, he received the Nobel Prize. It is widely known. Whereas the theory I advocate is the theoretical study of divine spirit and the treatment applied this theory also shows a wonderful effect. Consequently, it is well proved as the experimental study of divine spirit, too. If that is the case, you would see what a great discovery it is, even scientifically speaking.

To put it more simply, if present-day atomic science were the peak point for material science to reach, the next stage would be the world of inorganic I advocate. It has been revealed. Therefore, even scientifically speaking, it should be an epoch-making great progress. Then that world is the being between science and divine spirit. In a word, what I explain here would fill the blank between the world of science and the world of the divine spirit. This blank was the mysterious world indeed which scientists, philosophers and religionists had wanted to know but could have not known until today. It is also, of course, the object itself of the truth to seek, which was always deeply indwelled in any intellectual’s heart. That is finally exposed here and the long-awaited ideal dream has come true. As anyone must have expected, cultural advancement has to reach this unexplored world of God someday. Then most people imagine that it has to be achieved through the progress of science. That makes sense but this expectation was surprisingly betrayed. It was I who is a religionist that found it. It is meaningless, however, to merely grasp it. In short, only when making the best use of it and utilizing it universally for the welfare of human beings, it finally has meaning. Even this isn’t disappointed because it enables more than ninety per cent of diseases to be cured and even longevity was able to be extended.

As I described above, this great discovery gives human beings tremendous benefit, which is beyond description. Therefore, when it is known all over the world, the present civilisation would be completely converted and a new century unprecedented through human history would come. At this stage, science and religion would no longer exist, nay the both including truly civilised era, which no one has experienced and imagined, would come. I don’t hesitate to claim this. Here I finally move on to describe the relationship between the world of inorganic and the world of organic.