Paradise on Earth

Creation of Civilization
General Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

Paradise on Earth is the word derived from the Bible. It is called the world of ‘Miroku’ in Buddhism, and a utopia in western countries and so on. All those meanings are, of course, same and that is an ideal world. As I previously described, this is the purpose of God. Therefore, the history until today is in the process of constructing such a world and at last, it is now to come one step closer to realize Paradise throughout many transitions. When it is expressed in a word, it is the world without disease, poverty and conflict. In those three most threatening disasters, disease occupies a throne. Therefore, needless to say, if the disease was cured, both poverty and conflict would be naturally solved.

In this sense, I thoroughly dissect and clarify the fundamental cause of disease in every single aspect. Since it is the truth based on God’s revelation and obtained from the results of experiments, it has no slightest mistake at all. Therefore, it is different from the theory of scientific research which has developed by using human knowledge in the field of medical science. Then those experiments have been conducted by more than tens of thousands of my disciples until today. They are treating more than hundreds of thousands of patients every day and their cure rate is high. It is not too much to say that the ratio of curing the disease of medical science to ours is one to a hundred.

As described above, though such astonishing results appeared here on the earth, all the humans misunderstand that medical science, which has no power to cure disease, is the best. Therefore, they suffer from diseases and give up their lives on their way, though they can live longer. It is impossible to ignore such ignorant and miserable condition. As for God, it is obvious that He can no longer leave such terminally miserable state. In addition to this reason, he has to make people healthy as they can live in the coming ideal world. For these two reasons, I present the fallacy of medical science.

Translated by N.H.