Health and Longevity

Creation of Civilization
General Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952


From now, I thoroughly criticize and dissect medical science, but before we move on, I must describe health and longevity, too. If modern medical science was true healing art of medicine, the number of the sick must be decreasing year by year. Along with this, it is reasonable that the longevity must be gradually extended and a few centuries would be certainly enough to realise such a state. Therefore, tuberculosis, which is the most difficult problem to solve at present, and all sorts of infectious diseases would become extinct, and suffering from illness would become nothing more than an old pipe dream. However, the facts are opposite to that, aren’t they? If so, it is obvious that present medical science is not true at all.


Then I describe human longevity. It was decided by the Creator as it created human beings. I was also told this by God, which is from at least one hundred twenty to possibly the longest of six hundred years old. Therefore, unless people do wrong things, they normally live to be one hundred twenty years old. If it became so, human life would be hopeful, wouldn’t it? Besides, people are not only long-lived but also healthy and vigorous throughout their lives, and the disease anxiety would be disappeared. That would be an absolute paradise on earth. Then, what is the wrong thing as described above? If I said it was surprisingly caused by medical science, everyone would be stunned. Therefore, I describe the theory of one hundred and twenty-year-old life by using the easiest example to understand. Firstly, I divide a human life-span into four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.


If that is the case, January, February and March are the months of spring and the 1st of January is to be a person’s birthday. From his babyhood to childhood is in January and the boyhood is in February. When plum flowers bloom and cherry blossoms are about to bloom, it is in his adolescence. After that, he finally becomes to be an adult and starts a social life. It would be at the time when blossoms bloom. Following this, they are in full bloom and people are cheerful in April. It would be at the peak of his activities in his forties. Forty-two is said to be a critical age for a man. As the proverb says“It is a storm to a flower.”, flowers fall. The following months of May, June and July are the season of summer, when fresh and then deep green leaves grow. The branches of trees bear plenty of fruit. After that, the climate goes downhill, and the harvest season finally comes in autumn and then a harvest begins. During this season, it is the same as a human being. His sustained effort bears fruit, his work finally settles down. He also gains his social credibility and is blessed with children and grandchildren. It is the last period of fulfilling for his life. At that time, he has various experiences and credit, so he does a favour for the people and society as much as possible by making use of them. If it takes ten years, people become ninety. After that, it becomes the season of winter. People may enjoy the beauty of nature quietly for the rest of their life, or it would be good that some people like activities and keep working until they die.


As described above, four seasons correspond well with human longevity. The theory of one hundred twenty years would be best supported by this view. For this reason, it is no wonder that human beings live to be one hundred twenty years old as described above if medical treatment disappears. When you say just medical treatment, however, there are many kinds of ways. Most of them were to use medicines until the twentieth century, so lots of diseases have been made by medicines for a long time. At any rate, diseases are made and also tried to be cured by medicines. Therefore, it is obvious that diseases increase and people’s life is shortened as well. Here is the evidence of this as follows; if medical science improved, types of diseases would be reduced, but on the contrary, they are increased, which is in direct proportion to the increase in the types of medicine.


There is one more important thing people don’t realize. That is a doctor and his family must be healthier than general people if medical science cures disease, but the truth is their health deteriorates rather than general people. In various kinds of doctors, medical doctors seem to be shortest-lived. It is widely known that their family are week and many of them suffer from tuberculosis. Then, except for sudden accidents, all the causes of death are diseases at present. Worse still, suffering from the disease is horrible. Though there is no need to say, such a grievous story is often heard as people ask to put an end to their miseries, as they severely suffer from the disease. Then, why is such suffering caused? It is because they die from unnatural causes. It is like forcibly breaking a branch in the middle. Despite the natural fact that leaves of trees wither and fall, green grasses wither and fade, rice plants fill and are harvested, it is as if leaves are torn while they are green, green grasses are pulled out and rice is harvested before it ripens. That is extremely unnatural. Therefore, people do have to die from natural causes. However, the moderns become week, so that they would die to be from ninety to a hundred years old even though they naturally die.


As I explained above, God gave us the life span of more than one hundred twenty years old and made us act with health and long life without any pain of disease. Yet, idiotic humans made a mistake and rather produce pain of sickness and a short-span life. It cannot be enough to say that their ignorance is so pitiful.


Translated by N.H