Disease and Medical Science

Creation of Civilization
Science Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

As I described in the previous part, I took the two great sufferings of warfare and disease as the cause of anti-civilisation. Other than these two, there is one more cause that is poverty, but it is naturally resolved when warfare and disease can be resolved. Therefore I don’t describe it. Then, first of all, I explain the cause of warfare. It is sure to be caused by mental impairment or mental illness, so if a physical illness is cured, it should be cured together.

As I described above, if disease, warfare and poverty arose from the same cause, a truly healthy person or a perfect human being spiritually and physically should be created. It sounds very easy but in fact, anyone would imagine that it is not. From my point of view, however, it is not impossible, because God has disclosed the absolute solution to me. This is my mission and I write this book as its first stage.

Therefore, I describe disease first, in which there are both physical and mental one as I said. However, modern humans think the disease is only caused physically and that is wrong. Yet, it is a mental illness person who causes a war. For this reason, unless human beings truly become human physically and mentally, it is needless to say that a truly civilized world will not be born. Then, how can we realize such a world? We have to understand its principle and also find the possible way to realize it. Since I found the fundamental theory of it and I was able to comprehend an absolute solution. Here, I thoroughly describe it in detail. To begin with, I explain the real fact on the earth where we are living. The study until today has thought there is originally only substance existing on the earth and nothing except it. This way of thinking is, however, very wrong and it is far from nothing. For humankind, there is a no more important thing than such nothing, which certainly exists. Despite this, why is it not comprehended until today? It is the result that humans have only depended on material science. Namely, as for the theory of material science, it decides what not to be seen is nothing. Therefore, even such presumably advanced material science could not grasp it. As I described above, all things which material science cannot comprehend were denied and swept under the carpet. Such a dogmatic idea shows how scientists are headstrong and biased. Concerning it, there is no need to say a lot about it but, indeed, the progress of culture is not associated with human happiness. From now on, I will try to explain it step by step.

As I explained above, if true medical science is to create a perfect human physically and mentally, is modern medical science truly progressing as intended? Considering it here, it proceeds in the very opposite direction. That is true. On the contrary, it is not too much to say that modern medical science rather creates diseases and increases patients. It would say it is making such mistakes. I describe it in detail from now. To begin with, it is about the basic idea of medical science until today. As it doesn’t know the cause of disease at all, it interprets everything by contraries. It is because it has been progressed by the standard of material science. It can’t be helped.

As a result of this, in the case of disease, medical science throws itself into relieving the pain appearing outside. Therefore, medical progress is to develop the method of temporarily relieving pain, which is to apply materials such as medicine, machines radioactivity and so on. By using them, the pain of the disease is indeed relieved, so that disease is misunderstood to be cured and its relieving method is kept using. The truth is, however, that to relieve pain and to cure disease are fundamentally different. The former is a temporary condition and the latter is a permanent one. Worse still, such a pain-relieving method itself creates more disease, and as a result, it complicates the disease. It has a big problem.

As it is material medical science, it considers a human body as a merely material and it identifies human beings with animals. Therefore, it uses animals as research materials, tries to find the cause of disease. When it has a certain result by chance, this is applied to human beings soon. This is a big mistake, as human beings are completely different from animals in terms of a figure, nature and an inner being. However, it doesn’t realise it. For this reason, when researching human disease, it is clear that the subject of its study should be human beings. Without this study, the medical science of curing human disease cannot be established. Then, you should have one more thing to know. That is animals don’t have a human-like nervous system. Because of the human nervous system, I don’t know how much it would affect human disease. For example, when a person is informed that he suffers from tuberculosis, his nerves are deeply impacted by these words and he visibly becomes exhausted. It would be well known by doctors and general people. However, as for animals, it never happens to them, which you would agree with.

As you can see what I described above, the defect of modern science is to ignore human spirits and to target only the human body, even though the humans are composed by spirit and body. It also identifies human beings with animals. You have to know these two are its main defects.


Translated by  N.H.