Occurrence of Evil and Disease

Creation of Civilization
General Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

As I explained in the previous chapter, one per cent of good has emerged to oppose ninety-nine per cent of evil. It exerts absolute divine power, corrects the established culture and sets up a new one. In a word, it turns the situation around completely. This is the main point of God’s providence in the future. This unprecedented plan would be beyond our imagination. Regarding this, I would like to tell you about the fable of the forbidden fruit in Genesis of the Old Testament. The forbidden fruit is, of course, a metaphor. The story of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden has, indeed, the profound mystery of God. I will explain it step by step. Before reading, however, you should reset yourself. Otherwise, you cannot possibly understand it. Needless to say, evil occurred when they ate the fruit. It is because the fruit means medicine. Medicine causes disease and the disease causes evil. As a matter of fact, human beings started to use medicine to cure diseases from B.C. How could people know that the forbidden fruit meant medicine? Knowing this truth, everyone would be stunned and astonished. Then, why did such an unimaginable incident happen? I should explain the reason logically and practically in a thorough manner. So, please read it with your eyes wide open.

Since I previously explained, I think you’ve already understood that human beings consist of spirit and body. You also understood the principle that spirit leads and form follows. In this sense, evil occurs when the cloud generates in the human spirit. This cloud is originally possessed by the animal spirit. Then, another animal spirit possesses it. They work together to make a person act like an animal. It means the person does evil acts. In short, a cloud in the spirit is namely evil. Therefore, it is obvious that it must be removed to eradicate evil. However, here is the big problem. That is, the cloud is caused by the medicine. Needless to say, a cloud generates when impurity blood transfers to the spirit. Since this impure blood is created by the medicine, evil will never occur if people stop using the medicine. When the truth comes out in this way, you will see that evil is originally caused by forbidden fruit or medicine.

Here, I have to tell you the one more important thing. I have already explained that medicine created evil to promote the development of culture. It has also played another great role. Because of medicine, a natural purification action occurs to eliminate the impurity from the blood. Needless to say, the accumulation of clouds affects human health badly and disturbs human activities. However, people thought that this action was not good because it caused pain. They thought so because human knowledge was not yet advanced. Therefore, they started to use medicine to relieve pain because purification action stops when the body becomes weak. Purification action gets weak as the human body gets weak. Therefore, the pain is reduced as much as it gets weak. People misunderstood that the disease was cured through this process. In conclusion, this mistake is the root cause of making the world hell full of anguish like today.

As described above, medicine merely reduces pain with its toxicity but has no power to heal diseases. On the contrary, because of the toxicity, the medicine causes diseases. There are no words for such ignorance. Surprisingly, however, that was God’s profound intention. I will describe it in detail from now. First of all, there were two ways to develop culture. One is to create evil and let it fight with good. The other is to weaken human health. I omit the former to describe as I already explained. Let me explain the latter then. As you can see the human history from primitive times, people lived naturally as they were. In those days, their food, clothing and shelter were almost the same as those of beasts. Their health and physical strength were also the same. Therefore, it is obvious that people ran around the fields and mountains and fight with beasts, vipers and any other kinds of animals. It is not too much to say that was all about their lives at that age. As humans no longer needed to fight with beasts violently, they started fighting each other. Their fight gradually became intense. Because of this struggle, however, human knowledge developed enough to create culture over the years. Therefore, if humans had lived in peace without any conflict, they would have not changed since the primitive age or a little bit progressed. Human knowledge would have less developed and they would have to accept a savage life. We can easily imagine such a situation.

In fact, disease and consequently evil were created by eating the forbidden fruit as described above. Since people have never realised this truth, they have been dominated by the superstition of medicine. It means that they continue to make great mistakes. As mentioned above, they used to be as healthy as primitive people. Despite this fact, human physical strength weakened as they conquered animals and ensured their safe living. On the other hand, human knowledge advanced through such a process. As a result, people became able to move by horse or ox-drawn carriage without walking on the flat roads they constructed. That was the case in Japan. In foreign countries, people invented wonderful and useful transportations such as a coal locomotive that run on rails and the further advanced automobiles and aeroplanes. In other fields, they made machines such as radio and electricity. They also have developed all cultural disciplines such as politics, economy, education, morality and art to reduce humans’ misfortune. They also built well-designed institutions and facilities as well as organisations and structures for society. A civilised society like today was created through the progress and development of all those elements. After all, they are nothing but a preparation for the construction of Paradise on Earth to come.

As stated above, the fundamental purpose of medicine is to create evil in humans and make them weak. So, the world has become like today as intended. However, if the situation progresses further, human beings will contrarily face a risk of destruction. Therefore, it is impossible to make any further progress. For this reason, God disclosed the truth to me to change the current civilization drastically. It means that the time has come to restrict evil to a certain extent and construct a civilised world, where good leads and evil follows.

Translated by N.H