Order in Construction of Paradise and Expulsion of Evil

Creation of Civilization
General Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952


To begin with, there is a primal condition to change this world to Paradise. That is to expel evil from the human race, concealed deeply in their heart. Concerning this, here is something incomprehensible; from common sense, it is obvious that people regard evil as wrong and avoid involving badness. What’s more, the evil is cautioned by ethics, morals and so forth, and the main purpose of education is the same. As for religions, they encourage goodness and exclude badness. Apart from them, in any society, parents reproach and caution their children’s badness, and a husband, a wife and a boss do likewise his wife’s, her husband’s and his (her) subordinate’s. Punishments of the law prevent crime, too. Despite such enormous effort, there are more bad people than good ones in the world, or strictly speaking, nine out of ten are more or less bad people and only one or less is a good person.


Having said ‘bad’ people, there are many kinds of badness such as extreme, medium, and a little. For example, it is firstly deliberate badness, or badness people consciously do, secondly regardless badness, thirdly badness of ignorance and fourthly badness people do because they believe to be good, and so on. Let me explain them briefly. The first one is out of the question and no need to explain. The second one is the most numerous and common. The third one does not matter much: done by ethically a barbarian and individually a fool, a mad person, a child and so on. As for the fourth one, it is harmful, because people believe to be good, so openly, squarely and passionately do it.

I describe them later in detail but now I write about an evil view of the world from a good perspective.


As described above, taking a very broad view of the world, it is not too much to say that it is an evil world. Since a very long time ago, there are many examples that bad people torment good people but I’ve never heard that bad ones are tormented by good ones. In this way, bad people have many supporters but good ones have less. Therefore, bad ones evade the law and take confidently strides through the world. On the contrary, good people cower and tremble with fear. That is the situation of our society. Such good but vulnerable people are always abused and tormented by strong bad people. To oppose this irrationality, it is spontaneous that democracy was established.


In Japan, because of long-existing feudalistic thought, the society where the weak are victims of the strong had lasted, but it was fortunately democratized like today with foreign assistance. It would be said that it is a natural consequence rather than spontaneous occurrence, and this is a rare example that good beats evil. Unlike the foreign countries, however, Japanese democracy is in such lukewarm state at this point and I am not the only one who could see the dregs of feudalism still remained in many ways.


Here, let me describe the relationship between evil and culture. To begin with, how is culture created? Its root cause is the conflict between good and evil. As you can see the history since the ancient savage times, first the strong tormented the week, taking their freedom away and indulge themselves in plundering, murdering and so on. As a result, the week developed a variety of protection methods, such as weapons, fences, preparations, transportation and so on. They exercised their ingenuity as a group and as an individual, and that, needless to say, contributed to the development of culture.


As time goes by, knowledge advanced, something like writings was invented. People started to sign a contract as a group, which would be the beginning of an international treaty. People also made social rules and penal regulations to control evil, which would be on books and became today’s law.

However, in reality, it was not as simple as that. Such ways could hardly remove evil from humans. Instead, the more knowledge advanced, the more the way of evil became artful. In this way, since primitive times, the battles between the rampant of evil and good for preventing it have never ended until today. As you know, however, throughout this struggle, how knowledge advanced and the culture developed. Hence there were not a few sacrifices but it would be unavoidable. At any rate, the age of struggle between good and evil has continued to date.


Then, the great religious persons emerged from time to time to relieve the sufferings of the good. Their teachings are based on the idea of ‘teikan’, or resignation. They taught people the restriction of worldly desire and submissiveness as their doctrine. They also prophesied the realization of the ideal world, or Paradise on Earth, the world of ‘Miroku’ and so on, that gave the good the hopes for the future.

Meanwhile, they preached the reason of cause and effect to the evil as much as they could and admonished them to repent of their sins promptly. While facing hardships so many times and standing such sweat blood violent suppression, they tried to spread their teachings. We can’t read their achievements without tears.


It did have a considerable effect but was far beyond overall accomplishment. Besides, the opposite side of them, or atheists established studies and tried to prevent the disasters created by evil in a materialistic way. As a result, science has developed more and more, and the culture brought more result than expected.

On the other hand, however, they met an unexpected obstacle. That is even evil happened to use such advanced science.


To begin with, as you can see the war, weapons have increasingly developed and everything is being on a large scale. In the end, an atomic bomb was invented, which is the fruit of terror we never expected. By knowing this invention, everyone was glad that the time has finally come to end the war for a while until they realized the risk that the evil even uses it. So their anxiety would be rather increased. After all, however, it is certain that the era when wars were no longer possible would be approaching. Come to think of it carefully, the strange result is given that the evil creates the war and also ends the war.


As we can see, it is clear that good and evil are nothing else but profound God’s providence. Needless to say, apart from the genuine evil, both people on the side of spiritual culture and material culture wish for the ideal world of peace and happiness. However, the question is whether it is possible or not, and if possible, when to be realized. Yet, there is no prospect of it, so that the humans deepen their agony.

Therefore, sensible people are always in the cloud of doubt and do nothing but stare at the wall confronted them. Some try to ask for religions and some try to solve this mystery by philosophy, whereas most of the people believe that the only advanced science could. However, they cannot expect much for it. So, it is at a deadlock.

When we look at reality, the human race lives with the agony of the three great disasters: disease, poverty and conflict. Nevertheless, I, who was informed about the principle of all these things by God’s revelation, explain all kinds of cultural faults to collect.


First of all, as described above, if evil is the source of all the human misfortunes. Why did God create it? Such a difficult question is something incomprehensible with our knowledge and there’s no help for it so that not only religions but also any kinds of studies would not mention it so far.

Unless it becomes clear, however, the true civilization can’t be realized. Therefore, I disclose the primal meaning of it. To tell the truth, the existence of evil is necessary for our world until now. That is exactly the mystery of the world never solved until today. Then, in evil, the two most threatening disasters for humans would be war and disease as a matter of life.


To begin with war, needless to say, it takes the great number of human life and brings miserable results. So the humans have brought together all of their wisdom and put all their efforts to escape from it. That helps the development of a culture which no one could ever imagine. Look, there are no exceptions that both conquered and defeated countries have developed remarkably after the war. If the war didn’t exist from the first, the culture would be still primitive or would have a little bit of development.

In this way, as if war and peace are intertwined, the cultural transition has been advanced step by step. It is interesting to note that it is the same as the social conditions and the humans’ destinies. Looking at this from such perspective, the friction and conflict between good and evil are in its stage of development.


In this view, evil has taken an important role until today. Nevertheless, the evil doesn’t exist infinitely but does for a limited period. That is the intention of God as the president of the universe, or philosophically speaking, the absolute being and also the will of the universe. That is to say, the doomsday Christ prophesied, too. Then, in the following era, the world of heaven which the humans have long-hoped; the world of truth, virtue and beauty without the disease, poverty and conflict; the world of ‘Miroku’ and so on, whatever you call, which are all the same meaning, i.e. the world where good is superior to evil, will finally come.


When creating such a wonderful world, appropriate preparation is required. It means the conditions enough to create such a world has to be spiritually and materially satisfied. Then, God gave priority to material conditions. It is because that, as for the spiritual aspect, it raises the level at once without taking time, whereas material one is not so easy and takes a long time. Furthermore, it was necessary to ignore the existence of God, so that the human thought naturally inclines towards the material aspect. This is how atheism came about.


Therefore, atheism is a necessary idea to create evil. In this way, the evil was born, gradually gains its power, torments the good, causes strife, and plunges the human beings into the bottom. As for the humans, needless to say, they struggled to climb up from there and tried to get out of their difficulties by stimulating and exerting themselves. That encourages the development of culture. It was tragic but necessary.

As written above, I hope you almost understand the primary meaning of good and evil. At last, the time has come to remove the evil. It is the boundary where the evil is converted to the good. Therefore, evil is in a serious situation. That is not my speculation, expectation or ratiocination, but the manifestation of God’s program under His universal plan. Whether you believe it or not, it is the absolute destiny for human beings. The evil is stopped, and the culture controlled by the evil returns to the good. Here we enter the stage where Paradise on Earth is established.


Translated by N.H