What is Wrong with Existing Culture?

Creation of Civilization
General Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

As mentioned in the Introduction, this book could be called an atomic bomb against the current civilization. It describes all matters that form the basis of the established civilisation such as religion, thought, philosophy, education, science and art. I thoroughly elucidate and evaluate every one of them with a keen eye and reveal the bare truth. When reading this book, therefore, anyone would have no other choice but to take off old clothes and change into new ones. If this book awakens people in that sense, it creates a great sensation. Consequently, it is inevitable that the established civilization turns around completely. When the book is complete, I will distribute it to the religious circles, universities, academia, the press, celebrities and so on all over the world in an appropriate way. I will also send it to the Nobel Committee. Unfortunately, I think it is difficult for the members to understand from the beginning because they are the authorities of materialistic science. However, since everything written in this book is the immortal truth, which includes the fundamental principles of science, I think they will surely understand if they thoroughly examine it. 

Regarding this, it is important to see how scientists think until today. They exclude religion from science. This idea is completely wrong. Therefore, I write this book to uncover the root cause of this mistake. By the way, all things on the earth consist of two contrasting characteristics, such as yin and yang, light and shade, front and back, spirit and body, and so on. However, the study only focuses on the physical aspects and completely ignores the spiritual ones until today. It is because spirit is invisible and cannot be measured with any equipment. For this reason, the study has just confirmed that air and electricity exist around the earth. However, as a matter of fact, I have discovered another element called aether that does exist as well as air and electricity. Regarding this, I first explain the true nature of the space surrounding the earth. That is to say, the two elements mentioned above of aether (fire) and air (water) are merged into a kind of air and wrap around the solid mass of the earth (soil). These three elements are combined and exist in the centre of the universe. This is the state of the earth that we live on and its surroundings. Nevertheless, science ignores the aether. It only recognises the air and the soil. It means science has progressed by studying only two out of three elements. In other words, it covers not whole fields but only two-thirds of them. Because of this fundamental defect, science is out of Trinity’s truth no matter how it has advanced and developed. For this reason, the theory always contradicts the fact today. Therefore, it is impossible to realise the truly civilized world unless this defect is found and corrected. Here, let me explain the relationship between these three elements in more detail. There are vertically the aether, the air and the soil in order as shown well by the positional relationship between the sun, the moon and the earth. Along with that, three of them are overlapped horizontally or in-plane and firmly united without any gaps. They become one in complete harmony and are floating in the air. That is the earth. Needless to say, each three of them has a different ability and state of movement. It means the fire burns vertically and the water flows horizontally, whereas the soil has no movement. However, it doesn’t mean that the soil doesn’t move at all. It does respiratory movement in a still state. As for the fire and the water, they are made of ultrafine particles and generate the twill weave-like air current. It flows and moves with a central focus on the earth. Because of its emptiness or nothingness, it cannot be figured out at the present level of science. However, surprisingly this air itself is the source of all the power in the universe. Its nature is ‘Yugen-Reimyo’ and beyond our imagination. In Buddhism, a person who has learnt a part of this nature is called an enlightened one. A person who has learnt more than that is called a great enlightened one. If they have learnt this nature more thoroughly, they have become most enlightened and reached the stage of ‘Ken-Shin-Jitsu.’ Buddha and Christ had reached such a stage. However, these two great saints were only given limited power because they appeared too early. Therefore, it cannot be helped that they did not have enough power to save the world. In fact, despite that they and their followers who have enlightened try hard, human suffering is not yet eliminated. However, the time has finally come. I was given the absolute power to carry out the great mission of the salvation of humanity. For this reason, I explain profound truth and execute the last salvation for humankind. I also play a leading role in designing the new civilized world. This is truly an unprecedented great gospel for all humanity.

Here, I return to the previous subject and consider the material culture comprehensively with the eyes of ‘Ken-Shin-Jitsu.’ Surprisingly, because of it, today’s brilliant culture has been created and still progressing. This contradiction is extremely mysterious and nothing else but God’s providence. Put simply, as mentioned above, the civilization until today is successful in material terms but poor in spiritual ones. Then, why didn’t God create a perfect civilization from the beginning? This question is cleared up as you carefully read this book in order.

Translated by N.H