The Inaccuracy of Established Culture

Creation of Civilization
General Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952


As I explained in Introduction, this book is not exaggerated to say an atomic bomb releasing on the current civilization. It describes all kinds of religions, ideas, philosophies, educations, sciences and arts, which are the fundamental aspects of the established culture. I thoroughly criticize and examine each of them with sharp eyes, and release bare facts, so that anyone who reads this book cannot help but taking off old clothes and changing new ones.

In this sense, if this book awakens people, it is inevitable that causes a great sensation on the established civilization and turns itself completely around. When this book is completed, I will distribute one to the religious circles, universities, academia, the press, celebrities and so on all over the world in an appropriate way.

I will also send this book to the Nobel Committee, though it’s a pity that the members of the committee are authorities of material science and hard to understand it from the beginning. However, once they thoroughly examine the book, I think they must understand it. It is because that the book specifies the essence of science and all the descriptions are immortal truth.

It is important to see how scientists think until today. They exclude religion from science and this way of thinking is completely wrong so that the book is aimed to clarify this inaccuracy.

Then all things on the earth are formed by two contrasting characteristics, such as yin and yang, light and shade, front and back, spirit and body, and so on. However, study until today only look at the part of the body and completely ignore the part of the spirit. As spirit is unseen and not be able to measure with any equipment, only air and electricity are found outside the earth.

However, I found aether, which does exist other than the air and electricity. First, let me explain the real state of the space on the earth. As described above, it consists of two elements; the aether (fire) and the air (water), which are united and merged. It is like gas and the soil (earth) is covered with such gas. These three elements are unified and located in the centre of the universe. This is the world we live in and its surroundings.

However, science recognizes only the air and the soil but ignore the aether. So, it has developed by studying only two out of three elements. I say it is the only two-thirds of the whole fields of science.

Because of this fundamental defect, no matter how science has advanced and developed, it is out of the truth of Trinity. As a result, the theory is always in contradiction with practice. Unless we find the defect of this and correct it, it is impossible to realize the truly civilized world.

Let me explain the relationship between these three in detail. There are vertically the aether, the air and the soil in order, which is the same positional relation as the sun, the moon and the earth. They are horizontally or in-plane united and layered. There is no distance between them at all. They are floating in complete harmony and that is, what we call, the earth.

Of course, each three of them has a different ability and moving state. The fire burns vertically and the water flows horizontally, whereas the soil has no movement, which, however, is not absolute but passive state in the motion of breathing.

Then, consisting of the ultrafine particles, the fire and the water generate the air current in the twill-like state. It flows and moves around the earth. Because of such emptiness or nothingness, it cannot be figured out at the present level of science.

Surprisingly, this air itself is the universal source of energy and its nature is ‘yugen-reimyo’ or beyond our imagination. An enlightened person in Buddhism could understand a part of this, a great enlightened person could understand more and the most enlightened person could reach the stage of ‘ken-shin-jitsu’.

Buddha and Christ belong to such class, but the two great saints appeared so early that they were not able to be given a whole power. For this reason, they did not have enough ability to save the world. In addition to them, the followers of them exert their utmost effort but still haven’t saved people from suffering. That is the evidence what I described.

However, the time has finally come. I am a person who is given the absolute power and carry out the great mission of salvation by using its power. So, I advocate the depth of truth, execute the last salvation and play a leading role in the master plan of the new civilized world. It is the first and last undertaking of the great Gospel for human beings.

Here, we return to the previous subject. With eyes of ‘ken-shin-Jitsu’, let me examine the culture of overemphasizing material described above from a broader perspective. Surprisingly, that creates today’s brilliant culture and it has still progressed.

This contradiction is extremely mysterious and nothing else but God’s providence. In a word, the civilization until today physically succeeded, as I explained above, but spiritually failed. Then, why didn’t God create a perfect civilization from the beginning? This question is never clarified until you carefully read through this book in order.

Translated by N.H