Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952


This is the greatest work which has ever been written since the dawn of history. In a word, it should be called the master plan of the new civilized world. It is also the gospel of heaven and the bible of the 20th century. It means the current civilization is not a true but temporary one before a new civilization is born.

The end of the world in the Bible is meant to be the end of this temporary civilized world. The prophecy ‘Proclaim the gospel of heaven all over the world. Thereafter, a doomsday will take place.’ is, needless to say, the distribution of my writings.

The Bible is the collection of the teachings of Christ, whereas, this book is also the revelations directly received from Jehovah, His Heavenly Father, who is repeatedly referred by Christ.

He also said ‘the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye.’ From this, it is clear that He doesn’t create Paradise by Himself but someone else does afterwards.

On the contrary, I don’t say ‘Paradise is coming near’, as the time has already come to realize it. At present, the basic preparation of creating Paradise is proceeded by me. It is an exceedingly modest scale but making progress at a very rapid pace. Everything is astounding that miracles occur one after another, so people marvel at them.

Examining this minutely, it is obvious that God has carefully prepared for everything in minute detail since tens of thousands of years. It is based on the clearance of the former civilization and the construction of the new one. In this writing, I thoroughly explain the practically supported theory of this.

To begin with, we must know that the power of evil has a dominant influence on the former civilization and the power of goodness was very week. However, the time has come and it becomes the opposite. The power of evil becomes weak and goodness gains power. Here we enter the stage of realizing Paradise on earth.

Concerning this, here is a critical problem. When the new civilization appears, it is natural that the former one should be cleared. However, sins were piled up by evil deeds for a long time and should be eliminated. That is the great purification action in the world. Therefore, it could be beyond our imagination how many people would be suffered from that action.

Needless to say, this is Last Judgment and we could not avoid it. However, with God’s great mercy, He chose me and let me carry out a great task of saving people as many as possible. This book should be the introduction of it, so please keep this in mind and read it.

When Last Judgment is over, the construction of the new civilization finally starts. During this turning point, every cultural conversion occurs. It is the first and last undertaking of such great change and impossible for humans to imagine. Of course, it discloses the propriety of fallacy during the former civilization first, and then give the guide of constructing the new civilization.

From now on, I explain at length. When people read this, they will be saved like grabbing a saving net hung in front of them, whereas others who don’t, will regret later but it’s too late. As mentioned above, sinful people prepare to die, whereas innocent people are saved and could be residents of Paradise on earth.

As for Paradise on earth to come, its plan and scale are so splendid that I cannot explain. I declare, when the time comes, that the humans will clearly understand how uncivilized and worthless the current civilization is, and will be in great delight.


Translated by N.H.