Creation Of Civilisation
Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

This is the greatest work which has ever been written since the dawn of history. In a word, it should be called the master plan of the new civilized world. It is also the gospel of heaven and the bible of the 20th century. It means the current civilization is not a true but temporary one until a new civilization is born. The Bible says about the end of the world. It is meant to be the end of this temporary civilized world. The Bible also says ‘Proclaim the gospel of heaven all over the world. Thereafter, a doomsday will take place.’ Needless to say, this prophecy mentions that my book will be distributed. The Bible is a collection of Christ’s teachings, whereas this book is a direct revelation from His Heavenly Father or Jehovah who is referred by Christ. He said ‘the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye.’ His words make it clear that He doesn’t create Paradise by Himself but someone else does afterwards.

As for me, I don’t say Paradise is coming near. It is because the time has already come when it should be realised. At present, I am proceeding with the basic preparations to establish Paradise on Earth. Preparations are on a very small scale now but progressing at a very rapid pace. Everything is astounding as miracles appear one after another, which amazes people. Considering this in detail, we can clearly see that God has carefully, meticulously and thoroughly prepared for everything for tens of thousands of years. His preparation is based on the liquidation of the former civilization and the concept of the new one. Regarding these matters, I thoroughly explain the theory supported by the facts in this writing. Prior to that, you must know that the power of evil was dominant and that of goodness was very weak in the former civilized world. However, the time has come to reverse that situation. Here we enter the stage to realize Paradise on Earth. However, a critical problem lies here. When the new civilization appears, the former one should be liquefied. Because sins were piled up by evil deeds for a long time, they should be eliminated. It means a great purification action will occur in the world. We cannot imagine how many people will be suffered from this action. Needless to say, this is called the Last Judgment, which we could not avoid. However, with God’s great mercy, He chooses me to carry out the great task of saving people as many as possible. In other words, this book should be the introduction to this great task. So, please keep this in mind and read through it.

After the Last Judgment, the construction of the new civilization begins. During this turning point, transformation happens in all cultures. This is an unprecedented great incident, which is unimaginable for humans. Needless to say, the good and bad brought by the former civilization are firstly judged and then the conceptual guideline of the new civilization is given. I explain them in detail from now on. Reading this writing is like noticing the rope called salvation hung in front of you. If you immediately grab it, you will be sure to be saved. If not, there is no doubt that you will regret it later but it is too late. In that way, the sinful will die and the innocent will be saved and can become a resident of Paradise on Earth in the future.

As for Paradise on Earth to come, its concept is indescribably splendid and magnificent. I declare that humans will clearly understand how uncivilized and worthless the current civilization is and will be in great delight when it comes true.


Translated by N.H.