I recovered from aortic dissection by Johrei.

The story of a 76 year old self-employed


Early morning on 4th of April 2011, I suddenly felt a piercing backache. This severe pain became so bad that I had to call an ambulance, and on my way to the hospital, I finally fainted. When I became conscious, I found myself in an examination room at the hospital, after which I had lots of examinations including an MRI, and I was moved to the ICU department.  At the ICU, I was kept on a drip, as well as having some other medical equipment attached to me, and I was not allowed to have any visitors for three whole days.

On the fifth day, I was finally transferred to the room with three other patients and was kept on a drip and continued taking all the prescribed medicine every day, from early morning to late at night. I was diagnosed with aortic dissection, and as explained by an attending physician,  “Having surgery would be a matter of life or death, as the outside of the aorta had come off while checking the examination results, he stated that they had to wait and see, and continued putting on my drip and prescribing medicine.

After this incident, I have become bedridden. The nurse who came rounds once every hour, told me that at this stage, I should not turn over or move at all. I continued having CT scans, MRI and echographic examinations once every three days, and under such conditions, I felt life was unbearable to live.

At that time, my friend and his wife visited me at the hospital and told me about Johrei. He said, “Johrei has a high-dimensional theory which activates the human cells by removing the stress from them. You will recover from your disease by having Johrei performed on you, please don’t worry. When you leave the hospital, performing Johrei regularly will cure you. Hearing such news gave me immense energy even though I had no previous knowledge of Johrei.  At the end of the month, I decided to leave the hospital after negotiating with the attending physician.

After a while, my friend and his wife visited me and performed Johrei on me. Wondering what Johrei was, my stomach started grumbling  and I started feeling very hot. When they performed Johrei towards my waist, my legs started jerking, which was quite a surprise!  A few days later, I was permitted to have Johrei performed by their guide.

On my way back home, I was hopeful and thought I would recover and get back to fitness. The hope to live revived me and I could not stop my tears from flowing. Since then, I had been performing Johrei every day on myself, for one or two hours at a time. This resulted in my recovery and I gradually felt better and now have completely recovered. I am full of gratitude to Meshiya-sama and the people who cared for me.

Now I continue learning about Meshiya-sama’s teachings and the performance of His Johrei on my friends, and I would like to let as many people as possible know and ask them to learn about His teachings and Johrei.


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