A fulfilling life after overcoming a mental disorder by Meshiya-sama’s teachings and His Johrei.

The story of a 20-year-old female employee


I have few happy memories of my childhood. I used to spend a lot of time alone waiting for my mother to return home late from work, and as much as I did want her to be with me, she could not spend more time with me due to her work commitments and trying to make a living, and this resulted in me feeling lonely and sad.

When I was in 2nd year of junior high school, I went through a mental disorder due to certain circumstances. I tended to harm myself and even thought of committing suicide by cutting my wrist. I completely became dependent on my mobile phone and distanced myself from people and did not trust anyone. My condition changed for the worst at school, and very often, I disrupted school club activities.

During this autumn, after a quarrelled with my mother I ran away from home. After this incident, we decided for me to move in and live with my aunt at her house. The new life which I started with my aunt was very different and uplifting for me, as was not left alone any more, and had home-made food, and regularly helped with some of the housework, and had everyday conversations and discussions with my aunt, which brought me joy and happiness, and I learnt a lot from her.  However, the most precious learning during my time at her house was to learn about Meshiya-sama’s Johrei.

I started learning and practising His teachings and His Johrei with the help and advice of my aunt. I joined “Meshiya courses” to learn Meshiya-sama’s teachings, which helped me change my behaviour. During my 3rd year of junior high school, I finally started to like and enjoy school. I will never forget such a feeling of happiness and the gratitude I had towards Meshiya-sama.

A year has now passed since I started to live with my aunt, and I have entered high school. After the start of high school, I could make myself understood and said what was correct and right, which is the result of my learning how to listen to others at “The Meshiya courses”.

After graduating from high school, I started working, and my mental disorder was cured without the use of any type of medication, and only through Meshiya-sama’s teachings and His Johrei. I would like to continue improving my life in the best possible way throughout learning Meshiya-sama’s teachings and His Johrei and introduce his teachings to those who suffer from similar mental disorders.


[Testimonials:mental_illness  April 2014]

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