I recovered from a cerebral haemorrhage by Johrei.

The story of a 34-year-old employee


On 9th February 2012, at the age of 32, I had a Cerebral Haemorrhage while I was at work. I was immediately taken to the hospital and was operated on.  As a result of the operation, I was paralyzed on the left side of my body and had to be transferred to a rehabilitation centre. At the centre, the therapist told me, “I am sorry to say that you will never be able to recover completely, as your brain has been seriously damaged.” After hearing this news, it was decided that I should start the rehabilitation on one hand immediately.

I worked very hard at the rehabilitation centre, and 6 months later I was able to walk very slowly with the help of a bar or a walking stick.  My left hand, however, remained paralysed as no amount of rehabilitation would have cured it. This condition made me extremely anxious, and I was not at all happy with my current condition.

I suddenly remembered that my dead mother who practised Johrei regularly did believe in the extreme power it had on everything.  So I decided to do some research on the internet and finally found a person who practised Johrei in Okayama.

On 9th February, I visited him for the first time and started learning Meshiya-sama’s teachings and practising of Johrei for a while, and started to practise Johrei by myself, but also continued visiting Okayama every weekend.  This resulted in a great improvement in my symptom, and I started feeling better by the day.

Many people volunteered to practice and performed Johrei on me, and with their support and efforts, I was able to gradually move my left leg and hand and felt that I was on my way to complete recovery, as I also started regaining a sense of movement and feeling on the left side of my body, as well as starting to regain the sense of hearing in my left ear.

My left arm also started to have movements to some degree.  I could not move the fingers on my left hand perfectly but I felt a considerable improvement in the movements, and the grip strength in my left arm improved, and I could hold and lift up to around 25-49 kgs. I started to also regain my senses on in the left foot and was able to walk as far as 1.5km while swinging both arms, and about 10 km moving one arm. This seemed like a miracle, and I gradually managed to walk as long as 1km with various walking auxiliary equipment, or 5 to 6 steps without any support!

I was forced to quit my job during the period of rehabilitation, but now I have a new job. At my new workplace, I could manage to do exercise though my movement and was a little bit behind my colleague, but finally, I managed to gradually regain a sense of movement in my left hand, which was completely numb before.

I have a profound and sincere sense of gratitude to the Meshiya-sama’s teachings and His Johrei. Throughout this experience, I decided to work much harder and practised Johrei daily.

At the company I am working for, there are at least more than 30 colleagues who have some sort of disability, and I plan and would like to introduce Meshiya-sama’s teachings and His Johrei to them so that they can improve the quality of their lives and health.


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