I was saved from Uterine Cancer by Johrei.

The story of a 57-year-old Japanese housewife


In 1994 when I was 37, after taking a routine health check-up in my town, I was advised to have a detailed examination at a specialized hospital and be examined thoroughly. As a result, one month later I was diagnosed with uterine cancer, and the doctors advised me to have an operation and even fixed the date.

At this stage, I started to worry and panic. Finally, I visited an acquaintance that practised Johrei and asked for her advice.  She told me, “You should think carefully before deciding on having an operation, and wait until after receiving and practising a few sessions of Johrei.” I was very relieved and decided to postpone the operation.

I visited her twice a week to receive Johrei, and I also practised Johrei and performed it by myself every night. I decided to work hard and learn the teachings of Meshiya-sama and His Johrei, and as a result, I practised Johrei regularly for quite a while, which resulted in no longer needing to have an operation. It is because my cancer had completely disappeared.  I am full of gratitude to Meshiya-sama who saved me from uterine cancer.

Now, 20 years have passed since then, and I am now a very fit 57 years old, enjoying a wonderful life, and continuing to learn the teachings of Meshiya-sama and the correct practice of His Johrei.


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