Cured from uterine fibroids by practicing Johrei

The story of an 85 year old Japanese housewife.


I am an 85 years old woman, very fit and leading a happy life, and I owe it to the one and only  Meshiya-sama and His teaching of Johrei with much appreciation which guided and lead me to such a joyful life.

When I was 37, 38 years old, I developed a stiff feeling in one breast and decided to go and see a surgeon the next day, who advised me to see a specialist at a university hospital. After having several examinations, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and told I needed to have an operation.

Once the date of my operation was confirmed, I went to see my client in order to inform her that I will be absent for a while. She, in turn introduced me to Meshiya-sama and His teaching of Johrei which I received for the first time.

In the beginning it made me feel a bit peculiar, but I decided to continue receiving Johrei, and totally depended on It without having the need for any kind of operation. I also started to learn about Meshiya-sama’s teachings, which made me feel refreshed and revived. I received Johrei daily for about a year or so, and the stiffness in my breast, which at times grew large and small, never disappeared.

During this time, I also suffered from haemorrhoids with a lot of bleeding and could hardly walk. However, after experiencing such a symptom, I suddenly felt very refreshed and a year later the stiffness in my breast totally disappeared.

Since then, whenever I feel ill, I receive Johrei which totally cures my illness, and as a result, I am leading a very normal happy life with the help of Meshiya-sama and His teaching of Johrei.


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