Breast Cancer completely disappeared by Johrei

The story of a 79-year-old Japanese housewife


In 1997, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and prepared myself to be admitted to the hospital for an operation. However, my daughter advised me to get a second opinion, and I decided to visit another hospital. At the second hospital, the doctor said, “You will need to have a follow-up examination until cancer becomes large enough to be operated on.” He then prescribed a series of hormone and calcium drugs.

As I already had the knowledge and had learnt about Meshiya sama’s teachings since 1986 when I was cured of pneumonia with a few sessions of Johrei, I decided to ask my son to perform Johrei on me several times a week.

In June 2012, I went to the hospital to have the mid-term annual examination, which took one and a half hours, as I was a little worried if my breast cancer had spread. However, on the contrary, the doctor confirmed, “There are no traces of any breast cancer.”

On 26th of April in 2013, I had another full detailed examination, and this time the doctor confirmed, “There is no visible cancer cell at all.” Once again I was saved by Meshiya-sama and the miracle of his Johrei which made me have even more faith in Him and acknowledged his greatest and powers.

I am a very fit 79 years old now, who enjoys everyday life and travel occasionally. My son continues to perform Johrei on me every weekend. I am forever full of gratitude to Meshiya-sama and His absolute power of Johrei.


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