No more suffering from Uterine Cancer

The story of a 63-year-old Japanese homemaker


It was early morning on the 25th of January 1999 when I felt thirsty and went to the kitchen for a drink of water, but after I could take some ice from the fridge and put it into a glass I fainted. I couldn’t remember what had happened to me afterwards, but I regained consciousness a few minutes later and fainted again after trying to stand up. It made big noise this time, and I later realized that I had fainted four times in total.  My husband kept calling out to me, “Come on, come on!”, finally he decided to call an ambulance.

On our way to the hospital, my daughter kept performing Johrei on me in the ambulance. When we arrive at the hospital, the doctor examined me thoroughly and told me that he could not see a big problem and stated that I might have been too tired, and discharged me to go home.

However my husband was still worried about me as I had fainted four times, so I agreed to take further examinations such as CT Scan, MRI, and blood test, and the results were all negative.

I remember at that time I was diagnosed with Myoma of the Uterus, and I went to see a gynaecologist immediately to have several examinations. The doctor told me that I was suffering from cancer of the uterus and I needed to have an operation immediately. Even though he fixed the date of the operation, I ask him not to hurry into this and think about it a while longer and returned home.

I was so worried that I called my mother and ask her to pray to Meshiya-sama. My mother who lives in Oita at present immediately called my brother in Hamamatsu, and he instantly came to see me and performed Johrei on me, after which he explained to me about cancer in detail and gave me the following advice;

“Cancer is caused by the mutation of normal cells due to the consumption of a variety of food products, as well as daily usage of medication and mental activity. There are many cases where those cells recovered and changed into normal ones by the performance of Johrei, so I recommend you to only depend on Johrei for a while.”

He also stated; “Why don’t you improve your lifestyle such as starting to eat organic rice and vegetables and food without any additives. You should also take care of your clothes. As for your mental health, you must try to live a happy life filled with positive energy, lots of laughter and gratitude. In case you need to have an operation, you should be examined by two or three hospitals for second and third opinions. Now a day, a good doctor would not make a decision instantly.”

After that, my daughter performed Johrei to me every day and regularly. I also continued to perform Johrei by myself, mainly towards my womb every morning, afternoon and evening for a total of two hours per day.

Three weeks ago, I took another examination and the cancer was completely gone.  When I informed the Doctors of results of the examination, one of them said with bewilderment, “There is no cancer….”, and another Doctor said, “There must be, and we must operate on her.” I told them I did not wish to have any sort of operation and decided to return home. As my husband had been extremely anxious and worried, for his peace of mind, I decided to take one more examination in a different hospital. At this point, the new doctor told me that I no longer suffered from Cancer of the Uterus, and I could hardly believe his words!

I was so relieved and knew that it must have been Meshiya-sama who saved me. I could not imagine that my cancer was cured by practising Johrei. My husband, my daughter and me, we thanked Meshiya-sama from the bottom of our hearts. I was also very happy that my husband started to understand Johrei more deeply and seriously through this experience.

14 years have already passed since then, and I am enjoying a happy life filled with gratitude to Meshiya-sama, and continue teaching and introducing the greatness of Johrei to all my acquaintances.


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