Complete cure from Colorectal Cancer

The story of an 88-year-old Japanese male


“I had suffered from stomach problems for almost a quarter of a century and had to be taken to the hospital by an ambulance three times due to gastric and duodenal ulcer.

In April 2007 at the age of 82, I felt so sick in my stomach that I decided to see a doctor and as a result, he carried out Colonoscopy and found 8 pieces of cancerous Polypoid’s. I spent one week in the hospital and had Endoscopic treatment to remove the cancerous Polypoid’s. After this treatment, the doctor told me that he had removed 5 of the 8 Polypoid’s, but the remaining 3 would have to be removed by performing an abdominal operation.  I was so distressed that I left the hospital in despair.

Soon after returning home, I received a call from my daughter, and I told her about my condition and asked for her advice. Since she performed Johrei regularly, she came to see me immediately and performed Johrei on me, and amazingly my fear and pain started to disappear.

In order to be able to perform Johrei like her, I asked Meshiya-sama to give me the spiritual qualification for performing Johrei. I sincerely prayed for Him to save me from cancer and continued to perform Johrei towards the vital parts of my body such as the stomach, intestine, kidneys, shoulders, neck and the back of the head. While my daughter performed Johrei on me twice a week, I also started practising it by myself 4 to 5 hours every day.

When I started performing Johrei, I became a bit anxious as I felt severe pain, and I had jet black faeces for 3 consecutive days which slowly relieved my pain.

A month after leaving the hospital, I returned again for an examination, and the doctor explained the result of my examination. He said “You were suffering from cancer, but now there seems to be no sign of cancer, stating that the prescribed medication must have worked and there was no need for me to have any more treatment.

I was extremely surprised by this news, as I did not take any of the prescribed medication at all, and was full of gratitude to Meshiya-sama. This meant I was cured of cancer by performing Johrei which is directly linked with Him. 6 years have passed since then and I am now 88 years old, I take one-hour walks early every morning and perform Johrei by myself for an hour every morning and evening.

Although an elderly person, I am still independent and live a normal, active, healthy life, which I totally owe to Meshiya-Sama to whom I am extremely grateful.”


[Testimonials:cancer August 2013]

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