To bid farewell to Painkiller and Tranquilizer!

The story of a 40-year-old female Japanese self-employer

To bid farewell to Painkiller and Tranquilizer!

“When I was in my twenties, I worked very hard at a beauty treatment clinic in Tokyo and put all my energy into my work. As a result of all my efforts, I received a lot of admiration from my customers and managed to achieve and reach the top of my business and produced very positive results.

However, because of my modest and earnest dispositions, I started to worry about my customers, and whether they were really satisfied, and at the same time I felt sorry for the other colleagues who seemed to have worked much harder than me, so I continued working harder and harder, and when I had to work overtime I started taking a painkiller tablet once every hour, which seemed to be a very normal thing to do, as my other colleagues also did…

I recall, I gradually became emotionally unstable and it was not long before I started to fail in my life. I had violent mood swings and I sometimes even hurt myself to calm myself down.  Gradually I was unable to look people in their eyes and feared their voices.  My body felt very heavy, and I even thought of killing myself. Finally, I decided to stop working and went back to my hometown in Aich.

I spent my days doing nothing. I could not talk to anyone and was afraid when people spoke to me, and completely lost my voice when I wanted to talk. As there was nothing that could be done about this, my mother decided to finally take me to see a psychiatrist, and of course, I was prescribed with tranquillizers. I was completely unable to go out, and even when I made an effort I became extremely tired after an hour or so and even ran a fever, and had to stay in bed. This difficult condition continued for two years before, I came to know and was introduced to Meshiya-sama and His Johrei.

In August of The Millennium, my sister took me to a Johrei study gathering, and I immediately started to have spiritual learning and finally achieved all the necessary qualifications that were required.

Throughout my continuous studying, learning and performing Johrei on myself, I gradually stopped taking the painkiller and tranquillizer and gained back the will to live and feel how wonderful life was. I became very independent and active in everything, less selfish and anxious, and rarely got angry.

Now I have regained my full strength and health and I work hard after having taken over a family business.  Moreover, many people are now relying on me, and I am helping all the ones who have suffered from the same condition as I had.

I am indebted and full of gratitude to Meshiya-sama who saved me. I am also grateful to the people who took care of me, and my mother and father who supported me throughout, and also my sister who introduced me to the greatness of Meshiya-sama and Johrei.”


[Testimonials:mental_illness October 2013]

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