Healing of Ulcerative Colitis in a few days

The story of a 25-year-old female Japanese nursery school teacher


“In September 2012, soon after eating any type of food, I started having diarrhoea and melena.

As the symptoms continued, I went to see a doctor for an examination, and he performed Colonoscopy and took samples of the tissues, and as a result, I was diagnosed with “active ulcerative colitis”

Active ulcerative colitis is a condition that the Japanese government has specified as a “Rare Intractable Disease”‘ and very hard to cure, with easy recurrence even if cured, and the possibility of even getting worse and result in colon cancer.

Although the cause of my disease was still unknown, the doctor prescribed medication for Daihriya to stop the symptoms. Whenever I took the prescribed medicine I felt sicker and unable to eat anything, so I decided to stop taking the medication after having tried it a few times. I continued feeling very sick and started losing a lot of weight, to the point that I was unable to work and had to take a few days off work.

As my condition continued worsening, I decided to visit my aunt with my mother and have Johrei performed on me. While my aunt was performing Johrei on me, I sincerely prayed for Meshiya-sama to save me from my disease. She also performed Johrei towards my head, shoulders, belly and liver, and miraculously my pain and anxieties started to disappear. I could not be more grateful to her for saving me.

After my recovery, I decided to learn more to perform Johrei by myself and asked to have spiritual learning and achieve the qualifications required.

I started to perform Johrei towards my head, shoulders, belly and liver, and my mother performed the same on me too. I also started eating healthy food such as naturally farmed tomatoes and vegetable soup, and gradually started gaining back my strength. I also started going to the toilet less and less, slept well and gained back all my finally strength.

After my aunt performed Johrei on me that Friday, I was able to go back to work the following Monday.

To be honest, I was very anxious and worried about how I was going to cope with my incurable disease, but somehow I was able to return to work within a few days, and I am so grateful and full of admiration to Meshiya-sama.

I learned how wonderful it is to be spiritually linked with Meshiya-sama throughout this experience. It is now 8 months since my ordeal, and I have fully regained my strength and health and I can work as hard as I did before.”


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