Treated severe diabetes at the age of 84

The story of an 84-year-old male Japanese retiree


“After retiring at the age of 65, I suffered severe diabetes which could be hardly cured throughout my life. I kept taking regular walks for my health but my condition was not improved.

At that time, I met an elderly woman who is highly respected and came to know Johrei more deeply by her, which I knew more than 10 years ago.

Whenever she performed Johrei to me, I felt my fingers numbing and became wondering why feeling so. She also told me that I would be able to perform Johrei like her if I was given a spiritual qualification by Meshiya-sama.

In 2012, I got an acceptance of performing Johrei and started to self-perform Johrei.

When I self-performed Johrei, I tried to acknowledge the being of Meshiya-sama and think that Hikari goes through my body. After I kept trying seriously to self-perform Johrei and took regular walks, I got a wonderful result of a blood test in January 2012.

Compared to the previous blood test, these results were so improved that a specialist asked me how it could have been.

The result of the blood test I got was as bellow.

Blood sugar level: under 130 in 2012 (cf. almost 200 in 2011)

HbA1c(NGSP): 6.9 in 2012 (cf. almost 8.4 in 2011)

Now I am 84 years old, give thanks to Meshiya-sama, and live a pleasant life by performing Johrei. I would like to tell this joy and experience to all of you.”


[Testimonials:lifestyle_disease June 2013]

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