No Fear of the Menopause

The story of a 52-year-old female Japanese homemaker


I have lived in Europe, mainly in London, for 26 years. While abroad, one of the hardest things was coping with the menopause.

My period was regular until I was 45 years old. Since then it gradually became irregular and I reached the menopause at the age of 47. Just after my last period, I experienced hot flushes anywhere and at any time. It affected my sleep and it also caused heart palpitations and a gain in weight. I also became irritable, anxious, and heavily depressed.

I was so worried about my sudden mental and physical disorder that I went to see my GP. However, he gave me nothing but the advice to take herbs, supplements and HRT(Hormone Replacement Therapy) when my symptoms became much more severe.

I became rather anxious when he explained about the menopause. He told me that the symptoms of the menopause differed from person to person, it would become mild at about the age of 60, and I would get used to it.

I had no idea how to cope with my present condition that might continue more than 10 years in the future. Three years passed when I tried to accept the menopause and I returned to Japan at the age of 50 in 2010.

After I settled in Kumamoto, Japan, I felt so strongly to want to live without worrying about my menopause. I began to do perform Johrei to myself every day, usually in the morning. I prayed for Meshiya-sama to give me the power of Johrei and then performed Johrei towards the part of my body; especially the head and kidneys.

When I kept performing Johrei for one month or so, the condition of my menopause gradually became milder. I did not feel depressed and had fewer hot flushes, and could finally sleep well. After a year of performing Johrei, I stopped experiencing palpitations and lost 5 kilos of weight. Now I keep myself fit.

In this way, I overcame my menopausal symptoms with Johrei. I do recommend Johrei to the people of all ages and sexes who are distressed by the symptoms such as hot flushes, bad sleep, palpitations, a gain in weight and depression.

Unlike medicine or HRT, the power of Johrei makes you raise the ability of self-healing that you originally have.”

[Testimonials:female_disorder May 2013]

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