Thank-You Report #091

Reported by T.T. in Hiroshima on 16 April 1951

I became a believer in Seaki-Meshya-kyo just four months ago but I was saved from the anguish of lung tuberculosis, pleurisy and peritonitis. Furthermore, my niece was healed from the genuine case of smallpox by Johrei in a short period. Atheists have a great fear of smallpox but she was completely cured without any trace. God saved her. I am full of gratitude for God’s salvation. Here I report how she was saved.

It was around 15 February 1951. I visited my sister after a long time. She was worried about her daughter as she was suffered from chickenpox three days before. My niece was a year and five months old. When l looked at her, half of her face was swollen. She had a slight rash on the face and fever. I performed Johrei on her who was fussing. The next day, I visited my sister again on the way back from work. My niece had rashes much more than yesterday and they spread all over her face and even to the head. She had rashes on the body, arms and legs, too. Because of her swollen body, she couldn’t walk. I performed Johrei on her and said to my sister, “Don’t worry. Inherited toxins are just coming out of her body.” My sister replied, “She is in such a terrible condition. I should take her to another doctor.” It couldn’t be helped. So, I earnestly said to her, “Then, no injection. All right?” I immediately told Mr T about my niece. Mr T works for Seaki-Meshiya-kyo. He said, “Since your niece has a severe condition, we consider how to cope with her after she sees a doctor today.” The next day, I received Johrei at the church of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo and then visited my sister’s house. Before entering her house, I could smell of antiseptic solution. I had a bad feeling and entered the house. I found a grandfather walked around the house. He said with a tearful voice, “She was taken to the hospital and soon isolated at another hospital on suspicion of smallpox. Your sister and brother-in-law were by her and also taken to the hospital. I don’t know what to do.”

I was surprised to hear that about two thousand neighbours in seven towns were especially vaccinated at the same time my niece was hospitalised. All their houses were also disinfected with cresol. I wanted to go to the hospital soon and perform Johrei on her as much as possible. I prayed for God. When arriving at the hospital, I immediately heard a baby crying. I thought that God must have made me aware of my niece. I found her. My sister and her husband were with her and very glad to see me. When I looked at my niece, what a surprise! Her face got swollen. Because of the rash, she couldn’t close her lips which became purple and bigger than those of the adult. Her eyes were slightly opened. The rash deformed her ears. I couldn’t believe that she was a creature in this world. She looked much more horrible than the beast I had ever seen in the picture. I had never seen such a terrible face. Her whole skin became purple. Her whole body was covered with purl-sized pus blisters. They densely formed especially on her face. They also collapsed and deformed her nostrils and around her eyes. The moment I saw her, a cold shudder ran through me. My niece missed taking vaccination because she suffered from whooping cough at the time of vaccination. So, her symptom was much severer than people who vaccinated.

Her figure completely changed in a few days. I just asked God for her protection and performed Johrei. My sister said, “Depending on the detailed examination, she will be decided to suffer from chickenpox or smallpox. All doctors pay attention to the result and people in the prefectural and municipal hygiene section come every thirty minutes. People also come from the Ministry of Health and stationed troops.” I couldn’t hear her words. I just depended on God and concentrated on performing Johrei on my sister and niece for about an hour. Meanwhile, I told my sister that God would save her daughter. In my mind, I prayed to God that she would be diagnosed with chickenpox. The doctor came twice while I performed Johrei but I just concentrated on doing it. In that way, I performed Johrei on them for a few days. On the evening of the 23rd, I visited Mr T, who always gave me religious guidance. After a while, he gently said, “Please don’t be surprised. Your niece was diagnosed with smallpox…” He showed me the newspapers. I found an about ten square centimetres article, which said, “True smallpox outbreaks in Nagoya” He continued to say, “I heard the same news on the radio at 3 and 7 p.m. on that day. “She suffered from smallpox. Her face becomes pockmarked.” When I thought so, I felt the blood drain from my whole body. I unknowingly chanted a prayer towards Komyo-Nyorai-sama. I asked him what would happen to my niece. Mr T opened the book titled ‘Gospel of Heaven’ written by Meshiya-sama and browsed it for a while. Then he said, “Meshiya-sama says that smallpox is cured by Johrei in a week. It does work. So, please don’t worry.” Even he said so, I remembered the terrible rash all over her body and the headline news of her smallpox. I was getting nervous. Mr T earnestly said, “Meshiya-sama’s teachings always tell truth. So, you don’t have to worry at all.” I finally calmed down and single-mindedly prayed to Komyo-Nyorai-sama for her protection. About a week passed, her rash became scab and fell off from her whole body like beans falling. No trace left. Her body was getting clean.

The doctors got puzzled and said the same things; “That is strange. She did suffer from smallpox but completely cured without any trace. We have no such case in Japan. All children died when they suffered from smallpox without vaccination. We have no such an example like her.” Even if a grown-up person suffers from smallpox, they feel too itchy to stop scratching the rash. Then they break blisters. They have a fever and then die. As for my niece, however, she never scratched blisters. She only once had a fever from the beginning. Her swollen body went down and got back to normal in five days. Something mysterious happened one after another. The hygiene section staff of another prefecture came late from afar. He couldn’t understand what was happening, looked blank and left the hospital. The staff of the Ministry of Health and prefectural hygiene section just said, “That’s strange. That’s wired.” By the way, the doctors took pus from her blister when she was in the worst condition. Then they injected the pus into three rabbits. All of them died.

My niece once wasted away to skin and bone but became chubby in a month. Her skin got white and her eyes became beautifully shining. When looking at her romping around outside, nobody can find any trace of her smallpox. The relatives and neighbours thought she would become pockmarked even if she had been saved. So, they were very much amazed by the great power of God. We have received uncountable blessings. How could I express my gratitude? I would like materialistic scientists to know this great miracle as soon as possible. Smallpox is said to be the most terrible infectious disease in the medical field. However, it is easily and completely cured without any trace by Johrei. How grateful it is! I was saved from the bottom due to illness and now my niece was healed by the hand of God with charity. I would like to reward the grace we received even a little. I do hope that Paradise on Earth comes soon and now work hard to lead people to faith as many as possible under the guidance of people working for Sekai-Mehiya-kyo. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.