Thank-You Report #073


Reported by Y.K. in Tokyo on 26 October 1952

I suffered from eye disease in 1949. I had had medical treatment for three years but my condition never got better. Therefore, I once stopped taking it for a year but my condition got worse. I finally lost my eyesight at the end of this August. I had lived a miserable life for whole four years. When I lost my eyesight four years ago, I was introduced to Dr S and started to have medical treatment. I was diagnosed with serious interstitial keratitis caused by cranial nerves. Dr S is well known as an ophthalmologic authority in the world. As he is very dependable, I left him to give me medical treatment until healed. I, of course, did everything for my recovery before I met him. I patiently continued to go to his clinic for three years and he devotedly treated me. As a result, I was saved from my blindness somehow. However, my eyesight didn’t recover enough to see things. I just distinguished the colour difference and my eye condition never progressed no matter how much to have medical treatment. Then I started to have doubts about medicine or rather felt annoyed with it. It is because I had had medical treatment for three years but the result was not as good as I expected. It made me disappointed.

At that time, I needed to go abroad. It was a good excuse. I turned down Dr S’s treatment for a year. I usually didn’t have pain in my eye but it started to hurt the night of the 28th of August. I felt intense pain as if my eyeball came out. The pain continued for two days and I finally lost my eyesight completely.  Anything looked white no matter what I looked at. My black pupil became white. The worst condition ever happened. My family was worried about me. I couldn’t express how much I suffered. I had no choice but went to see Dr S. I apologised to him for my one-year absence. He said, “Since you haven’t had treatment for a year, your eye condition got terribly worse. You became entirely blind. I try to do my best but you need to take at least one year of medical treatment until you can recognise the colour difference. In any case, can you come here twice a day in the morning and evening from tomorrow?” It was the 1st of September. So, I decided to restart having medical treatment from the 2nd.

Here I talk a little about myself. I was originally very interested in religions no matter what kind of sects they were. Therefore, I went deep into any religion and tried to clarify any questions about it. When I was thirty-one years old or so, I went to India to defeat Gandhi in an argument. He called me a cunning argumentative youngster. So, you would understand how enthusiastic I was about religion. Then my conclusion is that any religion doesn’t worth to be believed. Since then, I never listened to religious stories and Sekai-Meshiya-kyo is no exception. I had been recommended it for more than ten years but I didn’t think it was worth believing. Therefore, I was never interested in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. That was my true feeling. However, I have a friend named Mrs A. Her husband is a painter. Since she is an ardent believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo, she always advised me to become a believer whenever I met her but I didn’t feel like doing so. Then a mysterious thing happened to me and it was my destiny.

Let me go back to the subject. The morning of the 2nd of September, I left home to go to the clinic but my feet naturally headed to Mr A’s house without thinking. I usually take a train and bus to his house. I didn’t know why but I was trying to walk there. I am sorry to forget to tell you that I was blind in my left eye. I see things with my right eye but not completely. When looking at my eyepatch, Mrs A said, “You are in trouble, Sir. I will perform Johrei on you soon.” I normally said, “Please don’t. If such an unscientific method cured my blindness, I wouldn’t have had a hard time for four years.” I would have refused like that. However, it wasn’t that time. I didn’t know why but I was very obedient.

I said, “Yes, please.” That words lead me to happiness and the origin of my joy. I finally found a religion that I can truly believe in. I believe that I was saved from everything by Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. When I held my hands and prayed to the holy hanging scroll of Dai-Komyo-Nyorai-sama in the alcove and the photo of Mehiya-sama hang above it, I had no resistance nor doubt. I just believed in them but didn’t doubt them. I just relied on them. It was quite natural to my heart and my attitude. I sat and closed my eyes. It took five minutes or so. Mrs A told me to open my eyes. When I opened my eyes slowly, I saw everything clearly and brightly. What a surprise! I soon closed my right eye but I still saw things with my left eye. I cried out, “I can see, I can see.” I became wild with joy. The white pupil of my left eye became jet black. I saw things clearly though Dr S said to me that it took a year to see the colour blurry. This very mysterious thing had happened in reality. Mrs A shed tears. I couldn’t stop crying with joy. No one would doubt or deny that fact.

I thought I first touched Meshiya-sama’s great heart and his great religion. Humans always get lost and want something. Since they have nothing to believe in the present world, they wouldn’t be able to get out of the illusion. By regaining my eyesight, I was, fortunately, able to find a home in Sekai-Mehisya-kyo. It is my greatest joy. I spent the time of 1,556,800 minutes and I paid the treatment cost of more than a hundred thousand yen to cure my eye but medicine never regained my eyesight. On the other hand, Johrei cured my eye for only five minutes without any cost required. My white pupil turned into the black by Johrei. This fact is beyond the theory of science or so. You just believe it and didn’t doubt it. That’s all. This is the way of faith and faith itself.

Not only us who were defeated by the war but probably also all the other people in the world think that it is the twilight time of the earth. If I’m forced to say, humans are looking for something which decides whether they are human or not and for that purpose, they are going back to their original narrow place or a religious place. When they met a worth believing religion there, they would be able to get out to the large place for the first time, which satisfies their motivation to become true human beings. In this sense, I would say through my experience that I recommend those who are not yet a believer in Sekai-Mehisya-kyo to touch the heart of Meshiya-sama. In the same sense as human beings cannot find out but just imagine their origin, please believe mysterious things in nature although they cannot be understood by medicine nor science. If you can do it, you would be a happy person who takes a step closer to faith. As I have just become a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo, I don’t have a right to say something to you but I think that curing disease is the branch or byproduct of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. To lead people to the right path and make them happy is its mainstream. Curing disease is essential to do so. That’s way Johrei was born, I think.

It is good and grateful anyway. I reported my experience in the sense of sharing my joy with others. Before I conclude my report, I tell you what happened after a miracle had happened to me.

I visited Dr S. On that day, twelve doctors including him held a study workshop. Having that opportunity, I showed prescribed eye drops which were not used. I said to Dr S, “Please look at my eye.” When looking at my eye, he was very surprised. Dr S said, “Your pupil is black. I think it was white yesterday. Can you see things with it?” I said, “Yes. I clearly see anything. You said it took a year but I regained my eyesight in five minutes.” All doctors were surprised. They knew that I lost my eyesight in major newspapers’ report. “How strange! What a mystery!” All doctors including Dr S just repeatedly said so. I explained how I regained my eyesight. I said, “I didn’t come here to make sarcastic remarks. I would just like to share my joy with you as I made you worried for a long time. I would also like to show you that the mysterious divine power does exist, which is invisible and never dominated by anything.” Dr S said, “Indeed, Mr Y. It is medically impossible to gain your eyesight in a day.” He also repeatedly said even afterwards, “Strange, strange.” Besides him, three other doctors said, “We should throw away scalpels and medicine and became a believer, shouldn’t we?” I don’t know they made a joke or said sadly.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.