Thank-You Report for Curing Cancer

Thank-You Report for Curing Cancer #1
Thank-You Report for Curing Cancer #2
Thank-You Report for Curing Cancer #3
Thank-You Report for Curing Cancer #4
Thank-You Report for Curing Cancer #5
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Thank-You Report for Curing Cancer #1

Reported by Y.N. in Saga on the 1st of February, 1952


On 26 March 1950, I had an unexpected visitor. I was listening to all their stories and asked to visit Mr H in Kishima County. He was fifty-eight years old and suffering from stomach cancer. When I visited him, he looked in a critical condition. I performed Johrei to him. He seemed to think that he was not able to be healed by receiving Johrei only once. I was turned down and went home. To tell the truth, I was relieved as I thought that it would have not been worth it if something had happened. Besides he was not a believer.

Four days after that, two children of Mr H visited our branch office (which is used to be a teaching place) together and asked me to visit him to perform Johrei apologetically. They said, “We have left my father to a doctor since the 27th but he became very weak in four days. The doctor also seemed to be surprised. He asked us to gather our family and let them see my father. Then we asked why we did and he replied that he wanted to inform us to hospitalise our father and had to have an operation. We asked the doctor again if our father would recover when he had an operation. The doctor said that there would no guarantee. Therefore, we told him that we don’t let my father have the operation if he was not able to be saved whether or not having the operation. Then we refused the doctor.”

They continued to say, “Our father told us that he had nothing to regret if he died and wanted to rely on God for once. We are very sorry that he was selfish but please do visit him.” Then I visited Mr H on the 31st and said, “I will come for three days. Please let me know if you would like me to visit more. Otherwise, I won’t.” On the third day, Mr H asked me to visit again. I told him the same thing that I said before and continued to visit him. For the next two days, he couldn’t drink even 20ml of milk and constantly had a cold sweat. I was visiting him for promised three days while always wondering if there might be a notice paper of his mourning on the doorway when I visited. Mr H became eased very much on the sixth day. I was relieved and thought that he would be saved from death.

I also keenly aware of the exceptional virtue of Meishu-sama (whom we now call Meshiya-sama, and hereinafter, referred to as “Meshiya-sama”) and the greatness of Johrei, which are beyond human knowledge. I visited and performed Johrei to him four more days, or for ten days in total. On the tenth day, I told him, “I won’t come for the next three days as I go to Beppu to worship. I think you will feel not to lie down any more when I come back and see you next time.” Then I left.

On 13 April, I visited Mr H again. When approaching his house, I saw him going to the bathroom with his wife’s help. He became better than expected. I was happy as if it happened to me. So were he and his family. Their joy was beyond my description.

In the meantime, Mr J in the next house of Mr H was dead. He also suffered from stomach cancer. I heard a rumour of the neighbours, which saying who would die first, Mr H or Mr J. Mr J went to a hospital, had an operation and died on the very day of the 13th. He was brought back home on the board.

I don’t know where people’s lives differ. I sometimes visited him to perform Johrei after that. He started to work from that harvest season. It was no change before he suffered from stomach cancer. One year and eight months have passed since then. He is working in a good health even today. When looking at him, I understand that the disease never recurs as he recovered by Johrei.

I sincerely do apologize that I didn’t report soon. As Mr H asked me to report his experience after making sure nothing happens to him for the following year, I have postponed reporting for about twenty months. Now I finally make a report and hope it helps even those who just started performing Johrei.

I would like to express my gratitude to Meshiya-sama.


Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Curing Cancer #2

Reported by F.S. in Saga on the 1st of December, 1951


I am a farmer in the countryside. When I was young, I worked as various kinds of government officials. Since 1933, I have worked as a farmer in my hometown. Because of new work or drinking too much when young, I have been suffering from stomach ache and always had medicine. In Jun 1950, I took a sudden turn for the worse and became unable to work. I went to many hospitals, took roots of herbs and barks of trees which I cannot talk to others and visited shrines for my spare time. However, they didn’t work at all. I just grew weak, which dragged my spirit down, too.

One day, I read a book of home remedies and I found an identical symptom of mine. It was stomach cancer. I went to a public health centre in August 1950 and the doctor directly told me that I suffered from stomach cancer. I was stunned and felt as if I was sentenced to death. No one would understand this feeling unless having experienced it.

Under such situations, I felt it was all over and became hopeless. Having said that, I was very worried about my children. Every parent thinks of their child, and still more does so if a parent dies of the disease. Therefore, I made a property ledger of lands, mountains, houses and so on, and wrote down other necessary information as a reference for my children. Even if I did so, I still wanted to conquer my cancer somehow as I am strong-willed. As a result, I suffered a lot and I nearly had a nervous breakdown.

However, gods and Buddhas haven’t forsaken me yet. In January 1951 when I visited Mr N. in a nearby village, I received the grace of Komyonyorai-sama(*) by chance. Mr N has already become a believer and I could luckily see Mr Y who was an instructor of Sasebo brunch office. He just visited Mr N. I immediately asked him to perform Johrei to me. I continuously received Johrei seven times and became better. After that, I sometimes received Johrei about four times and I completely recovered. I could engage in a side job from this spring, then harvest wheat and transplant rice seedlings. Now my weight becomes the same as before. When I think of the past, what I had been worried was almost in vain.

It is marvellous indeed for me to have received the grace of Komyonyorai-sama and my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude. Now my family have peace at home and I work hard of farming. Komyonyorai-sama remade my body, saved me from depths of despair and even made me cheerful. Since I am such a county man without education, I cannot express my gratitude very well. Instead, I would rely on the grateful Komyonyorai-sama and like to make a free world from troubles such as disease and poverty.

I firmly thank Mr N and Y again, who guided me to Komyonyorai-sama. I do recommend that people suffering from disease as I did will receive this grace as soon as possible.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.

(*: Komyonyorai-sama is sacred writing which Meshiya-sama wrote.)


Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Curing Cancer #3

Reported by S.M. in Hokkaido on the 23rd of December, 1951


I was guarded many times and so was my younger sister. She won’t be in this world if she wasn’t saved. Here I would like to express our deepest gratitude by reporting the grace she received.

My sister suffered from uterine cancer. Just remembering it makes me scared even now. She has four children and the elder one was only seven years old. Her husband went to war. When I recall that time, I cannot hold back the tears even now. The long time passed before her husband returned from Siberia due to his illness on 20 October 1948. Her hardship while his absence was beyond description. She was relieved when he returned but it didn’t last long. Cancer gradually made her weak. She went to see four or five doctors and all of them certainly diagnosed her as uterine cancer, which was already progressing. I have my heart in my mouth as if it happens to me. We talked with our relatives and decided to get her admitted to Sapporo Medical University Hospital. I didn’t think that medicine cured her but there was nothing I could do alone. She went to the hospital in this December and had an operation. She had her uterus, fallopian tube and ovary removed. She also had the left side of pelvis scraped off.

In March 1949, she returned to Obihiro and entered a specialized hospital. She received various appropriate treatments but her cancer had returned. She went back to Sapporo Medical University Hospital but her condition got worse day by day. I thought of their hardship and hoped that she would get better even for half a year or a year. I visited shrines to pray for her but each time I was told that even a god couldn’t save such a person who was already died. Sorrow filled my heart and I wasn’t able to give my thanks. I just bowed and left there. I didn’t have the energy to wipe away the overflowing tears. Then I went home.

I am living far from the town of Obihiro where my sister lives. My husband is working at the post office and I am separately running the business to sell clothing and household goods. One night, Mr O stayed at our house. He is a believer in Meshiya-Kyo and often visited the post office. When I talked about my sister after dinner, he said to us, “A good person came to Obihiro from Honshu. He cures disease except for natural disabilities. I introduced him people who suffered from the disease. They were glad to become better.”

I thought that the god he believed was outstanding and my sister would be saved, too. In the meantime, I heard that the hospital couldn’t do anything for her and she was coming back from Sapporo. I timidly visit Mr O and asked him to help my sister. He said, “She will become relieved. Please visit us on the 29th when the chief of the headquarters will come.” I jumped for joy and told my brother in law about it soon. I telegrammed my sister to come back to Obihiro on the 29th. I couldn’t wait for more two days, which seemed like a few months for me. I felt as if she had been already saved and gained energy.

I arrived at Obihiro on the morning of the 29th. When I saw my sister, she became so thin that I couldn’t recognise her. She didn’t look like a person in the world. We took a taxi and went to the branch office. We listen to a good talk first and my sister received Johrei before anyone else as her condition was critical. About sixty believers were there to worship and they are shocked with one voice when looking at my sister.

She looked feeling better a little. We asked Mr A and Mr B to visit my sister and perform Johrei for her. Then we left but I was still worried about her. I always asked how she was on the phone and by visiting her house. Mr A said to me, “Why don’t you perform Johrei by yourself to your suffering sister whenever visiting Obihiro if you care about your sister in such a manner. She will get much better. Everyone can perform Johrei.” As I knew nothing, I was wondering but became a believer.

My sister was suffering from constipation for eleven days. Soon after I performed Johrei for about twenty to thirty minutes, she had a bowel movement and also passed urine soon. What a precious power was given to someone like me! I felt as if I just made a fresh start in life and took the first step to the bright world. I just did appreciate that.

At that time, she could hardly defecate and urinate. Despite undergoing major surgery, there remained cancer in her body. Therefore, it was burnt out with radium and X-ray. As it was burnt out so strongly that the intestine and urethra were also burned out and the anus consequently became stiff. She was also not able to urinate. As a result, faeces and urine are mixed in the internal organ and came out of the vagina. Various changes occurred her and bled a lot a few times two weeks after that. I thought that the cancer was going to come out so that I was glad within myself. On the other hand, her family and relatives had no ideas of Johrei and got panicked to need a doctor and medicine.

When I had spare time, I always performed Johrei to her. However, when I asked Mr A and went home, she refused to receive Johrei from him. Her pain gradually became severe and she couldn’t sleep night and day. She felt so painful that she crawled around the room even though she couldn’t move only her leg. Strong sleeping pills and morphine didn’t work. She suffered like a sleep-walker and said, “I don’t want to live with such a pain. I don’t want to receive Johrei any more.” About seventy days passed since she started to feel pain. She became skin and bones.

When she got critically ill for the fourth time on 4 March, I went to her place. She was just breathing faintly. I tried my best to perform Johrei and firmly made a decision that I would go to see Meshiya-sama with Mr A tonight. I was ready to leave but worried if something happened while I was away, but my sister became twice the person she was and said, “I am all right. You don’t have to worry. Please go with him.” I was just surprised. We were grateful to be guarded in such ways.

I met Meshiya-sama on the 8th and asked how to perform Johrei to her. He graciously answered my question. I didn’t know what to express my joy. Because of the long journey for more than a week, I was in bed for a month at the last time I went. On the contrary, I was all right and rather fine this time and went back to my sister’s house. I asked my mother how she was. My mother said, “She longed for three regular meals and even had between meals, even though she could never have any meals until quite recently.” I was so glad and soon thanked Meshiya-sama. When I looked at my sister, she gained weight and looked well in a week. I sat and said nothing but hot tears ran down my cheeks endlessly.

After that, she got better day by day. She knitted jumpers for her husband and four children while sitting on the bed. She also made Tanzen gowns and prepared for winter by herself. We spent a new year together with joy. However, the anus was still atrophied and faeces always came out of the vagina. When filth was accumulated there, it became swollen and inflamed which caused pain. I met Meshiya-sama again and asked where to perform Johrei. I had an answer and went home. I immediately performed Johrei to her a few times. On the third day, faeces came out of the anus. Now I spend my days in thanking Meshiya-sama again and again and appreciating the great effect of Johrei. She went back to her work and visits a branch office to worship every month.

From now on, I firmly have decided to reward their great favour even a little, while giving thanks to Meshiya-sama and Komyonyorai-sama. I also give thanks to them on behalf of my sister. I am sorry for my poor writing but I sincerely reported some of the graces we had. Thank you very much again.


Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Curing Cancer #4

Reported by F.K. in Shimane on the 1st of July, 1952


The old saying says “While there is life, there is hope.” I am a lucky person who was given such a precious life. My sweet grandchildren are always calling me a grandma and clinging to my legs. I am living with joy these days. Oh, I still remember what the doctor said. He told me that I didn’t have much time left. Even now, his words make me still shiver. However, I have revived from the death sentence. I am sorry for my poor writing but now I report how to survive in that terrible situation.

I always had pain in the lower back. When I overworked, I couldn’t stretch my back and used moxibustion to relieve pain temporarily. In the autumn of 1950, I had vaginal bleeding with a blood clot. I didn’t feel any pain so that I just left it. I thought I got younger and started to have a period again. It stopped a few months later. In late April of 1951, I suddenly felt stiffness in the lower abdomen and had severe pain in the lower back. When my daughter visited us, she said, “You are in such bad shape. There must be something wrong with the uterus. You should go to the hospital. My neighbour had a similar symptom which you have. Then she went to the hospital and was told that it was too late. She died another day. So, please go to the hospital as soon as possible.”

It was an election day on 23 April. My son took me to vote by bicycle and then went to the hospital in the afternoon. The doctor explained to me, “A small swelling is formed in the uterus but it is not a serious problem. It is affected by another disease.” However, the doctor secretly said to my son and family, “She suffers from uterus cancer. It is too late. Any surgery cannot help her life. She doesn’t have less than six months left even if it is left as it is.”

Ignorance is bliss. I was relieved and went home. Because of bicycle vibration, I had severe pain in my lower abdomen on the way back home. I gradually couldn’t relieve the bowels without having laxative and enema. However, the anus was finally opened and enema medicine naturally came out even if giving it. Laxative also didn’t become working. I lost appetite. My relatives were worried and said, “I heard that that shaman heals well. Why don’t you visit her?” or, “When I got purified there, I was healed soon.”

I was in a desperate situation. At that time, A Mr I visited me. He is living nearby and a believer of Meshiya-Kyo. He kindly said, “The power of faith can heal disease. Shall I perform Johrei to you?” It is said that one will pray to the gods in extremity. I thought so and said, “Please give it to me if you have good faith.” Then I received Johrei for the first time.

He just held his hand up about 50cm away from me but I gradually felt better after receiving Johrei for a few days. Then I asked him to receive Johrei from Mr S who is a chief of a branch office in town T. On the 22nd, he came despite his busy schedule and performed Johrei to me, especially around my kidneys. Soon after that, I didn’t have to discharge my urine for more than two hours, which I couldn’t usually wait even for ten minutes. I just received Johei only once from him! I felt so relieved and I had faecal impaction in the next morning, which wasn’t for about two weeks. A stinging pain became lighter, which I always had before and after discharging urine. Before that, I had no appetite. The doctor said, “Eat something. Otherwise, you will become weak.” Even if he said so, I couldn’t. However, his Johrei completely solved that problem. I started to have a good appetite.

When Mr S visited me for the third time, I felt good enough to see off Mr S outside of the gate. He visited me eight times until the 8th of June. As I became twice the person I was every time he came, he was very glad, too. My son was going to have an amulet to perform Johrei to me. Even I was given an amulet when Mr I took me to Chukyo headquarters by bicycle on the 8th. I was recovered enough to have it. On that day, the chairperson of the headquarters also performed Johrei to me. I told my story to other worshippers. I explained that I received grace a lot. When I went home, I was still fine.

After that, I sometimes had a yellowish-white slimy thing with the bad smell coming out for a few months but had no severe bleeding. I became able to pull the cart and sell vegetables nearby town after another month. The people, who said that it was all up with me, were surprised to see me and asked, “How on earth did you recover?”

When my daughter went to the hospital which I went, the doctor asked her how I was. She replied, “Fortunately, my mother is very well and works hard.” He rested his hands for a while and said, “Is she so?” He blinked his eyes and became jaw-dropping. Now I am better than before suffering. My recovery made my family gaze in wonderment. My family and I would like to say our thanks to Meshiya-sama and do appreciate his mercy.


Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Curing Cancer #5

Reported by K.T. in Yamaguchi on the 1st of July, 1952


I am unexperienced as I recently became a believer and my writing is a little clumsy. However, I think it’s a waste to keep my experiences of miracles in my mind. So, I would like to report them and I hope that it helps you somehow to serve for faith. I also want to show journalists who believe in scientism and materialist as atheists how wonderful to have faith and our Johrei is superior to the present science. I want them to recognise the existence of true religion and what it should be.

When I came to know Meshiya-kyo, I was laid up with intercostal and sciatic neuralgia and rheumatoid arthritis for more than a year. I had all possible treatments such as doctors, electrotherapy, acupuncture, moxibustion, shiatsu and so on. However, I didn’t get better. My hands and legs were paralyzed and became purple. I was losing my memory and having dim eyesight. I had severe pain and a high fever day and night. Dreams and hopes of my youth were taken away. I was thrown in the dark world where the will to live was lost and became absent-minded. I couldn’t endure the pain and high fever so that I did nothing but just repeatedly had injections, shiatsu and electrotherapy as my daily routine.

It was mid-February last year. Mr A visited us. He heard about me from the mother of my sister in law and told me how Johrei was grateful. He said, “Anyway, why don’t you stop taking all treatments for about a weak and receive Johrei. You will be healed.”

To tell the truth, I was an advocate of Marxism and an atheist who was prejudiced against religions at that time. Even though the highest medical technology of science was not able to cure my disease, I thought how on earth would Johrei cure it? It was just holding a hand over! Thinking about it now, I am very sorry but I thought that it must have been superstition and heresy. It was impossible to believe it but I thought it had a point to try. Then I received Johrei.

Three days after that, the time had come when I was an atheist finally recognised the existence of God thorough miracle. At that time, a doctor had made a house call every day for more than a year. I tried to refuse softly and said indirectly to the doctor, “I felt better and had less pain yesterday. I was wondering if I could stop taking injections and medicine for a while. Does overdosing medicine and injections contrarily paralyse hands and legs?” The doctor said, “That is a lay opinion. A doctor never makes a mistake. Leave to me. You won’t regret it.” He didn’t stop making a house call and I was given an injection as usual.

However, I thought God might have understood Mr A’s thought or even the doctor as a scientist wouldn’t have committed me as I had divine light in the body. When the doctor tried to make an injection, the needle bent or broke. He couldn’t give me an injection. Even when he managed to shove a needle on the sixth or seventh try, the injection solution flew out. The doctor and nurse looked puzzled and strangely looked at a certain point.

There was a nail which Mr A put for the hanging scroll of divine writing. At that day, they left without giving an injection. On the next day, they came in the rain. The doctor let the nurse prepare an injection. He kept thinking while holding the prepared injection and suddenly said, “You get better, don’t you? In this case, you don’t need to have an injection today.” The doctor hurriedly started preparing to go back. All of us including the nurse were surprised.

When leaving, he formally said, “Take care of yourself. Please let me know if you feel something is wrong.” Then he caught sight of the nail and said, “Oh, you won’t need us to come anymore. You will recover and go to our hospital on foot. No, you won’t. Please don’t worry that you will never become our patient.” They hurriedly left us.

Oh! If that wasn’t a miracle, what was it? It was the time when I recognised the existence of God thorough miracle. God gave me the great grace and the whole family shed tears of gratitude.

Since then, I completely changed my closed-mindedness. I chanted Zengensanji prayer, which I used to listen without paying attention, and read through Meshiya-sama’s teachings. I have never felt such calm feelings. Now I understand how wonderful to have faith and appreciate it. Dreams and hopes of my youth were taken back. I finally got able to spend happy days. My hands and legs which were purple, dim sight and losing memory became normal again day by day. I became so healthy in a weak that people wouldn’t imagine I was ill in bed for more than a year. My knees became bent and flexible so that I could manage to sit on the knees for an hour and walk for about four kilometres without feeling pain. I understood that toxic medicine causes all my symptoms of the paralysis and discolour of hands and legs, dim sight and losing memory. I also realised how terrible toxic medicine was. It was very horrible that I did appreciate to take it until then.

On 20 February, my mother and I went to worship and immediately became believers. To construct Paradise on Earth, I don’t know how helpful I can be but I will do my best to realise the salvation of humankind as an act of God. When I perform Johrei, miracles appear one after another and miracles create other miracles. The more I get realised the great acts of God, the more I deepen my gratitude to God’s grace. Here I conclude my report by introducing one of the miracles I experienced as below.

An old woman was laid up with rectal cancer for about a year and a half. She didn’t have an appetite. She looked pale and lifeless. A noted doctor gave her every possible treatment such as expensive, precious and rare medicine but she got worse. She was such a miserable condition that it was a matter of time to die. However, when Mr A visited her and performed Johrei to her, she was able to eat and go to the bathroom by herself on the second day of his visit. She didn’t need to lie down any more and cook in a weak. When I visited her a week after that, the doctor said, “I don’t know why but the lump in her belly completely disappeared. She doesn’t suffer from cancer. I have seen many cancer patients but never seen a patient like her whom such a change occurred. Please examine her for research.” He put his hands together and asked her. What a strange scene I saw! I deeply gave thanks to Meshiya-sama.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.


Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Cancer #6

Reported by T.S. in Tokyo on the 3rd of December,1951


I would like to express my gratitude for Meshiya-sama’s great protection. My daughter was recently cured by Johrei and I was also cured of cancer. I was saved from my sins and can bathe in the light. I would like to report what happened to me. In July last year when I was diagnosed as rectal cancer, the hole my family was shocked. Even I couldn’t feel I was facing death. I had many things to do at that time.

The doctor said, “In your case, it’s too late even if you have an operation. Even If you did, you would have only three months to live.” I knew that my daughter was saved by Meshiya-Kyo but to be honest, I didn’t understand its power of salvation at that time. I couldn’t decide whether I should have followed the opinion of my family or been to another hospital. However, my wife and daughter did tell me to rely on Johrei. So, I asked to receive Johrei and was saved of cancer. I was full of gratitude.

In this way, I was able to run my business and live comfortably. This feeling is beyond description and I freely reported it.

Now I became healthy and able to do light labour, too. When looking at me, my neighbours are surprised. From now, I would like to introduce Meshiya-kyo to people who are suffering from disease as I did, perform Johrei to them and share the joy of curing disease.

Meshiya-sama, thank you very much for protecting me. I would like to express my gratitude here again.


Translated by N.H.