Thank-You Report #061~#062

Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953

Thank-You Report #061
Thank-You Report #062

Thank-You Report #061

Reported by S.T. in Saga on 25 August 1952

I have learnt that it is spiritually impolite very much to place something on Meshiya-Sama’s writings. We should not do it. Otherwise, something happens to make us aware of it. Therefore, we always handle his writings such as the books of his teachings and so on full of care. However, we received the reports as below on 3 July. I apologise for the delay in reporting. Here, I would like to report them.

Reported by M.S.

Mr I lives in a certain village of Fukuoka. His child was told to suffer from jaundice at school. Since Mr I was a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo, a school nurse directly took his child to his house instead of taking him to a hospital. Mr I soon visited us with his child. They came for three days in a row. On the third day, he visited us at around 10 p.m. When I performed Johrei on his child, his belly became swollen and he suffered more. I thought that his condition was something odd. Then I remembered the handling precaution of Mewshiya-sama’s writings, which we have learnt since sometimes ago. I asked Mr I just in case, “Are you not doing something rude on Meshiya-sama’s writings?” He replied, “I am not. I always do care of them.”

I continued to perform Johrei. Then his child vomited and felt a little better. So, they went home. However, Mr I visited me again that night. He asked me to perform Johrei to his child at his house. I went there with him and performed Johrei. His child had no fever but felt pain because of the swollen belly. Then I suddenly remember the thank-you report that I had read in the newspaper of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo before. I soon opened the drawer of the Buddhist altar. Then I found a few wrinkled papers on its bottom. On those papers, the poems were written by Meshiya-sama for the previous New Year. I immediately apologised. I also opened the book of Meshiya-sama’s poems placed in front of the altar. I found the certification of the cleanliness inspection which once put on the gateway. It was used as a bookmark. Then I opened another book written by Meshiya-sama. I found the label of Sake as a bookmark. I was astonished and said to Mr I, “These things were just what I asked you.”

We all immediately apologised in front of the altar and then I performed Johrei to his child again. After a while, he passed water, burped and farted very much. Then the child felt better and slept well until about 7 a.m. in the next morning. At around 8:30 a.m., the swollen belly returned to its original and jaundice disappeared. The child could walk and pray to Mehiya-sama. He became very well. No one could believe that he had suffered for three days. Thank you very much for making us realise, Meshiya-sama.

Reported by F.K.

Mr T. visited us. He lives in Nagasaki and became a believer in Sekai-Meshiiya-kyo since he cured of neuralgia by Johrei. Mr T said, “My grandchild suddenly cried out loudly last night. I took him to the garden not to wake others up. When staying in the garden, he stopped crying soon. So, I took him back to the room. Then he cried out loudly again. We repeated that about six times but my grandchild never stopped crying. Suddenly, the book of Meshiya-sama’s teachings came to my mind. I thought that I did something rude to it. I thought about it a lot. Then I found the newspaper of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo, which was directly placed on the tatami mat and a daily newspaper was on it. I immediately apologised and put it on the shelf. Then my grandchild suddenly stopped crying and we had a good sleep. Through that experience, I did realise that I have to take care of Meshiya-sama’s writings very much. So, I came here because I would like to apologise and express gratitude to Meshiya-sama.”

Reported by F.S.

Mr Y lives in Nagasaki and he visited us on 7 July. He reported his experiences as below.

Part 1: I thought that I should change the outer pouch of the holy amulet because it became a little dirty. However, I just forgot it. A few days later, I found a potato peel in the pouch even though none of my family ate any potatoes for a while. I apologised and soon changed the pouch. I have learnt that we should do what should be done immediately.

Part 2: When I chanted a prayer in front of the altar at home about a month ago, I was suddenly not able to continue chanting. I have never experienced such a thing since I started to chant a prayer more than a year ago. I thought that I did something rude to Meshiya-sama. Then I suddenly remembered the book of his teachings. I soon checked and found that an ordinary newspaper was mixed with the newspapers of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. I felt very sorry and soon apologised. Since then, nothing strange happened and everything goes well.

Part 3: To take care of the holy paper very much, I hanged it with the holy amulet on my chest. That was my idea. However, I realised that the outer nylon pouch had disappeared when I changed the outer pouch of the amulet. Then I realised that the amulet and the paper should not be together. In this way, when I made even a little mistake, Meshiya-sama made me aware of it. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.

Reported by S.A.

A certain instructor of Sekai-Mehisya-kyo has a two-year-old child. When I visited her to give her religious lessons, her child started to have purification of scabies. After a while, I thought that her child got better and visited her again. However, her child surprisingly got worse. The face became pale and the eyes became dull. The child looked debilitated like on the verge of death. I kept performing Johrei but her child was in such a serious condition. I thought that was a bit strange. So, I tried to find the cause but nothing was found. Even so, I realised something unusual. I found a picture frame on the lintel. In the frame, two photos of Meshiya-sama were in the middle and they were surrounded by the other photos of the garden took in Hakone. I thought that the picture frame might be the cause and we soon put it out and apologized. Soon after that, the eyes of the child became alive, started to talk something and crawled around. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama, her child became very well.

Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report #062

Reported by F.Y. in Toyama on 25 October 1949

Here I talk about the serious incident. It was reported by Mr M when he joined the religious service for Komyo-Nyorai-sama held at Mr B’s house. Mr M is a devote believer in Meshiya-kyo. He works for a spinning mill. He is one of the directors of the company dormitory, too. The incident happened around noon on 22 September 1949. The headmasters and teachers of the local school fell headlong to the river from a suspension bridge and got swallowed in the mud stream. They are all against Meshiya-kyo. The bridge must have supported a weight of about two tons when thirty-three grown-up people crossed the bridge at once. I felt very sorry for them. I also have something to think about that incident at the same time.

There is a brunch church of Meshiya-kyo in Nei County. So, people know Meshiya-kyo very much around there. Those teachers always assembled their students in a lecture hall and said, “The teachings of a new religion called Kannon-kyo (which is a former name of Meshiya-kyo) is being spread now. They are said to cure disease in a dubious way. Human diseases are never cured in such an unscientific way. Therefore, we should never be caught up in such a superstition. We have to take care of ourselves scientifically with the knowledge of hygiene and nutrition. We should obey very well what a doctor says and have healthy medical treatment. It is horrible to believe in bad religion. Taking advantage of the confused human mind and society, people are led to believe in it. So, please be careful and do never believe in such a religion. When you go home, you should tell your parents about this story properly.” They gave such instructions. They were drastically opposed to us in that way. For this reason, people living in that area keep an eye out for us very much. There are only sixty to seventy believers in Meshiya-kyo there. In the spinning mill, there are only five or six believers out of two thousand female workers. Due to the prejudice, not only teenage female weavers but also general workers seem to be really cautious about Meshiya-kyo.

Before the accident occurred, people in the agricultural organisation drove the trucks full of threshing machines and crossed that bridge. The factory camp party, which had thirty people with heavy luggage, crossed the bridge the previous evening and returned through it at around 5 a.m. on 22. The bridge was constructed for a hundred people to cross at once. Therefore, it is really strange that the bridge fell only when thirty-two teachers crossed it. On the morning of the day when the incident happened, those teachers attended the meeting of the local sociology study at the elementary school in Nei County. When the meeting finished, they went to the opposite bank of the river and examined the fault, anticline and syncline. They even took commemorative photos. At around 12:40 p.m., when they were crossing the new suspended bridge, which was 2 meters wide and 140 metres long, the bridge suddenly collapsed with a loud noise. The teachers fell on their neck together with the bridge into the river about 50 meters below and got swallowed by a mud stream. The river had risen due to the heavy rainfall and flew swiftly. Many rocks are piled up there, too. It was quite difficult for them to be rescued. Nineteen men and one woman died and nine people went missing. Four people were slightly and seriously injured. That was absolutely disastrous.

All casualties including the headmasters were missed by students and general people as well as their families. They were also said to have achieved the true spirits of education. Due to the accident, the construction contractors and designers of the bridge were charged with occupational negligence resulting in death and injury. The bridge was prohibited for general people to cross before the completion inspection but it was not yet done. Therefore, trouble broken out among construction personnel. They fought about who was in charge of it. Worse still, the construction subsidy became discontinued. So, the village officers got in trouble. They didn’t know how to pay the rest of the money. What’s more, workers’ accident compensation fee cost thousands of millions of yen. It was so expensive that prefectural authorities were in trouble to manage to raise money for it. They finally claimed that the inspection carried out on 18 was not the preliminary one but actually the completion one. They scheduled the inspection certified by the prefecture on 26. However, they claimed that it would be formally carried out to request the construction subsidy. That situation was absolutely confusing. People in the town H, where a brunch church of Meshiya-kyo exists, abused us very much. In that town, thirteen teachers died. What’s more, Mr I is a branch manager of Meshiya-kyo and lives in town H. The houses on both sides of his house were the headmasters’ ones. Both of them met with that accident and they were swallowed by mud stream.

Someone said that they were materialistic educators and judged by God because they regarded Meshiya-kyo as non-scientific religion, interfered with our activity, dared to ignore the existence of God, drove people into the destiny to perish but didn’t care at all what they were doing. I think that the incident clearly taught us something. We should follow the will of God with sincerity. I will turn over a new leaf.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.