Thank-You Report #001

Reported by S.T. in Saitama on 21 January 1953


I came back from Manchuria when the World WarⅡfinished. In 1948, my daughter was saved from terminal spinal caries by Johrei. Since then, my family became a believer one by one and overcame difficulties as returnees from Manchuria while getting countless protections of God. We have been living a life of gratitude until today. I started to work in a coal mine on 16 March 1952. I engage in dangerous work but always get protected.

Here, I report several miracles that are beyond our knowledge.

Part 1:

It passed five days since I started to work in a coal mine. Our work is to pile up rocks on a minecart, lift it with a winch on a slope of 35 degrees, push it to the top of the cliff when it got to the horizontal place and threw rocks from there. To winch up the cart, we need a special joint part to connect it with a wire, which should be taken out once when the cart reached the horizontal place and put it on the cart again. On that day, I was working at night. When we threw rocks from the cliff, the cart unexpectedly turned over and fell from a 10-metre high. We winched up the cart but lost the special joint part. It was made of special steel and there was no replacement. Without the joint part, we couldn’t keep working. I felt a responsibility and tried to find it around where the joint part might come off and the cart fell off under the dim light of a lantern. I was looking for it for about twenty to thirty minutes. The space was huge and rocky. I had no idea how to find just 15 centimetre-sized joint part alone there at night So, I felt like giving up.

At that time, my working partner went to report the team leader that we lost a special joint part. We could not have worked if it had not been found. I was wondering what to do and then thought to rely on Meshiya-sama for the first time. I hold my hands and single-mindedly prayed to him to find the joint part. When I unintentionally looked around from where the cart turned over to the bottom of the cliff while performing Johrei, I unexpectedly found something under the dim light of the lantern two metres away from where the cart turned over. I immediately got closer and picked it up. That was the joint part we lost. It was hard to describe how I felt grateful and happy. I soon went to report my team leader. He was worried but soon got very pleased to hear my report. After that, I heard that he was impressed with me. Since then, co-workers in the coal mine considerably became interested in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo.

Part 2:

On 4 June 1952, four co-workers of mine were working during the daytime and they also lost the special joint part when the cart turned over. They tried to find it for twenty to thirty minutes but had no idea where it was. Then Mr K, who is one of them, picked me up. He had got grace when I performed Johrei to him and knew that I found the joint part by God’s blessing. I soon went to see and asked them how it happened in detail. They show me where they lost the joint part. They seemed to search for it by moving many rocks. I had no idea where it was. I immediately hold my hands, recited a ritual chant and then prayed to Meshiya-sama. While I perform Johrei, they just watch what happened with a look of utter amazement or sneering. I performed Johrei for a while and involuntarily pushed aside a rock at my feet. What a surprise! The joint part was there. I picked it up and said, “Everyone, the joint part was just here.” All of them, as well as me, are extraordinary surprised and pleased. Everyone said, “Good, good!” They saw the power of God right in front of them and their feelings of doubt blew away. I was also surprised at the magic like divine power again.

Part 3:

On 18 July, I worked on setting up dynamites. To dig an inclined shaft about 2.5 metres high and 2 metres wide, rocks must be crushed with dynamites. On that day, we set up nine dynamites. We heard an explosion sound six times. It means that six dynamites certainly exploded but the remained three didn’t. We had to find them. Otherwise, we were in very danger. There are many cases that people worked without noticing unexploded dynamite and died in a blast when they exploded it with a pickaxe. Therefore, we carefully examined crushed rocks and piled them on the cart while searching for unexploded dynamites. When we moved five full carts of rocks, we safely found three of them. In that case, we had to reset up those dynamites. We prepared everything, ignited a fuse with the fire of the lantern and hurried away from there to the top of the mine by the cart. That was a very dangerous task. As I was not used to doing it, I forgot very important preparation.

When setting up dynamites, we used a hanging electric bulb to illuminate. I forgot to remove the bulb from the socket and hide them with the electric cord behind the support. Otherwise, they were broken into fragments by the blast. Many workers did that mistake and so did I. I ignited a fuse and run away while remaining the bulb with the light on and also hanging it with the electric cord. “Damn it!” It was too late when I noticed it. If breaking them, I would have to write a letter of apology. I would be complained, too. There would be many bothering things happening to me. I hoped that they would unexplode again. I asked Meshiya-sama this unreasonable favour and performed Johrei towards the inclined shaft without noticing.

When looking at me, my co-worker laughed at me and said, “As you do such a thing, people think that Johrei is a cheating method and don’t believe it. It cannot work.” Despite his words, I mindlessly kept performing Johrei. Three minutes later, dynamites exploded with a loud sound. We heard explosion sound three times. So, we were sure that all the remained dynamites exploded. The distance between dynamites and the electric bulb was only two metres. I thought that it was broken into pieces and the socket was brown away. In any case, we went down by the cart with new electric bulb after the explosion subsided. We went far down with the light of the lantern. It was pitch dark. When we got to a place 20 meters away from the exploded site, my co-workers on the cart cried out, “The light is on!” We saw the dim light in the thick cloud of the explosion. I never expected such a miracle.

I would have been relieved if the dynamites had unexploded. However, they had done. I thought that the electric bulb was broken into pieces but the truth was not. How surprised I was! I thanked Meshiya-sama for his protection and carefully examined the place where the electric bulb was hung. What a surprise! The bulb glowed even though it was brown up by explosion and mud and stones stuck around it. If it was not a miracle, then what was it? Meshiya-sama taught us that people were saved by Johrei even though they were exposed by an atomic bomb. I experienced the almost same miracle as that just by performing Johrei far away. My two co-workers were so surprised to see that miracle just in front of them. They seemed to have forgotten their bad mouth and said, “We will never face danger if we work with you.” Then I told them about Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. Since they knew many miracles which happened in the coal mine, I thought that they were sincerely convinced.

Part 4:

During the day time of 21 July, I was working in the same coal mine. We piled full of the rocks on the cart. Then two co-workers of mine also got on the cart. I was more than five metres up from the cart and turned on the switch to move it. The cart moved smoothly at first but derailed when it went up one metre. I soon turned off the switch but it had a breakdown. The cart went up through the narrow mineshaft while derailing. As I was concentrating on turning off the switch while digging my left foot inside the cart tracks, I couldn’t avoid the cart. The cart run over my foot and went five metres ahead. I fell but mindlessly rose and turned the switch off again. It did work this time and the cart stopped several metres ahead.

As the cart full of rocks run over my foot, the co-workers cried out to me, “What happened on your foot? Please wait until we go there.” They went down to me the slope of 35 degrees while holding a stake on the side. When they said, “Get a hold of yourself,” I found one of my rubber boots coming off. It got caught with something and came off at the same time when my foot was run over. The boots usually fit my feet and I could hardly take them off. However, the boot got caught with something and came off. My left foot must have been in the tracks and run over when I fell but I had no scratches nor pain in my foot. However, the co-workers said, “We definitely run over you.”

It was a momentary incident and I didn’t know what happened. In any case,

I couldn’t help but thank Meshiya-sama that I was saved without any injury. When we found the boot which came off, it had just a three-centimetre tear. In the case that my foot had not been run over, I think that it would have been sandwiched between a cartwheel and a rail if my rubber boot had not come off. At any rate, I sincerely thank Meshiya-sama that I was saved by miraculous God’s protection. “Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.” I was dumbfounded while feeling relived and full of gratitude.

In this way, miracles happened one after another. How could people dismiss them as a coincident even if they are materialists? Disasters occur one after another at mines in various places and a large number of workers died. The countless minor incident would occur every day. I am in charge of this dangerous work but always protected. When thinking of the miraculous things happening to me one after another, I was just full of gratitude. Meshiya-sama advocates Paradise on Earth without misfortune, which is the absolute world of spiritual peace and enlightenment. It is I who is experiencing that world while doing dangerous work. Because of those miracles, many people recently ask for Sekai-Meshiya-kyo one after another. I perform Johrei to them after work until midnight. Many of them suffered from incurable diseases which were given up by medicine but they were cured by Johrei. Everyone rejoices with tears. What a great joy! On 15 August, instructor Mr N visited us and held a three-day course at my place. It was a long-awaited desire of mine. At that course, five people had training and became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. After finishing the training, they parted in tears. When looking at them, I think that I become a person who makes people happy thanks to Meshiya-sama. When thinking of that, I became just full of gratitude.

After a long absence, I went back home with joy in Saitama. My daughter had suffered from caries. Since I became a believer, pus kept coming out of both ankles, shines, groin, chest, both arms and fingers for four years. It came out of almost whole her body. Whenever looking at her, I really thought that my parents and ancestors had a lot of clouds. However, that was different this time. She carried a baby on her back and looked after the baby. Her legs, hands and also the wound were completely cured. She only had a little bit scar on her chest. Her wound was almost dried only for a month. My wife, children and I shared the joy of this great salvation. In this way, I have experienced that the sins of ancestors are atoned when we accumulate virtue. I sincerely thank Meshiya-sama for your protection.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.