Johrei with Letters


When looking at this title, you wouldn’t imagine what I want to describe but would comprehend it when reading through my writing as below. What I would like to say is that you can receive Johrei through your eyes by reading my writings. Let me explain why so. You should fully know that all writings are directly reflected by writers’ thoughts. Form the spiritual point of view, the spirit of a writer transfers to that of a reader through the letters they write. In this sense, God has me write what He wants. Therefore, readers are purified by my writings.

In this way, reading makes a reader’s spirit good or bad, which deeply depends on the writer’s personality. That is sure. Even novels, articles in the newspaper are all the same. Therefore, I would like novelists and journalists to concern it seriously but it doesn’t mean that I recommend formal sermons. If people don’t get interested in writings, they will be useless as they are not willing to read them. Needless to say, writings should be attractive enough that people cannot help reading them. That is important.

As for recent works of literature, however, most of the publishers just want to sell them. I cannot help but think that most of them are just aimed to become popular out of curiosity, be sold and made into a film. Therefore, after finishing reading them, I just feel that they are just lists of prints. Such writers are no longer novelists. Comparing them with a human being, they have no bones. Everyone knows that they will be forgotten someday even though they become popular for a while.

When looking through the present world, we surprisingly find many social deficiencies. Therefore, there are many themes in them for writings. I like watching films and often go to cinemas. When I occasionally come across such a wonderful film, I get very interested and also feel getting acquainted. I am so pleased that I have respect for an author and producer. Furthermore, such work never fails to attract publicity and be recognised by the world. As a result, bookstores and film companies yield a profit, which serves two purposes. I just wrote which I came up with my mind as above. (26 November 1952)


Translated by N.H.