Medicine Causes Misfortune

“Paradise on Earth, Issue 44, page 6”, published on 25th January 1953


As for medicine, it has been already studied from various angles but here I describe how medicine is related to misfortune as I think I haven’t thoroughly explained it yet. In the first place, I explain where human good or bad fortune comes from. Of course, they do come from the spiritual world so you should comprehend this. Then I explain the structure of the spiritual world. To begin with, it consists of one hundred eighty layers, all of which are divided into three of upper, middle and lower stories so each story has sixty layers. There exists the world of hell in the lower, the world of intermediate in the middle and the world of heaven in the upper story. Each of these stories is also subdivided into three of the upper, middle and lower story so each story has twenty layers and each layer is also subdivided into three of upper, middle and lower labels.

Therefore, when you say simply “hell”, the lower in the hell a person goes down, the more he certainly suffers. As for the lowest hell, it is the world of the incurable disease, extreme hunger, conflict and so on. It is called the underlying world in Shinto, the frigid cold hell of darkness and ignorance in Buddhism and Purgatory called by Dante. When he ascends step by step, however, his condition is eased little by little. When he reaches to the world of intermediate, the condition of the society becomes normal for the first time. In a word, a person feels agony and joy in moderation there as its name suggests. Then he finally reaches to the world of heaven when he ascends further. This world is called the Land of Happiness in Buddhism and there is no disease nor poverty but plenty of food and drink. It is the harmonious world filled with happiness.


I described the spiritual world as above and most of the general people are in the world of intermediate. However, they can never rest there. It is because people can go up and down depending on their hearts and action. Most of them, however, go down and become likewise in the real world, too. As stated above, I roughly explained the relation between the spiritual world and the real world. As I always explain the universal law that is “the spirit leads and the form follows”, even human beings follow this law. Therefore, whether they become happy or not depends on where their spirits stay in the spiritual world. This is the truth so it is not too difficult for a person to become happy if only he knows and follows it well. For this reason, even if a person feels happy and is thought to be by others at present, that is his temporary state. He will soon fall to the same label as to where he stays in the spiritual world unless his spirit is in heaven. On the contrary, although a person feels unhappy at present, if he does good deeds such as giving virtues to people, saving them or so, he could go up to the suitable label where he should be and becomes happy.


Then let me explain the fundamental cause of this. The spirit falls to the lower layer because clouds are accumulated in the spirit that consequently becomes heavy. Therefore, the less it has clouds, the lighter it becomes. As a result, it rises. The higher it rises, the happier a person becomes. In a word, human happiness and misery depend on how much their spirits have clouds. When a person understands only this theory, he has already become a member of happy people. Since this is an invariable principle that eternally lasts, we cannot do anything but believe it.


Then, what is the cloud? It is called sin in religion since long time ago and there is no need to explain it as everyone knows. However, this is a superficial meaning. The root cause of the cloud originally lies much deeper. If so, what is it? It is the medicine that causes the cloud. It is what the general public applauds and has frequently used since long time ago. When l say so, everyone will be surprised but you should believe it since God has revealed this truth to me. In a word, when a person takes medicine, it makes his blood cloudy as medicine is toxic. When the blood becomes cloudy, the clouds transfers to the spirt that consequently becomes cloudy as following the principle; “the spirit leads and the form follows. For this reason, there is nothing but medicine that we should fear. In other words, medicine makes the spirit cloudy and heavy. Then the spirit gradually goes down to the position of the spiritual world and finally falls into the world of hell. Therefore, there are correspondingly more people who do bad deeds. As a result, this world has become full of disease, poverty and conflict.


As I described above, human misfortune is caused by a medicine. If so, medicine should be abolished in the world to create a peaceful world of happiness. Therefore, I disclose the cause of human misfortune and give you a warning here.


translated by N.H.