Johrei contributes to solving our various problems.

Wasumaro Umeki

In this way, I became healthy one by one and have been getting better year after year by performing Johrei. When I was a child, I was rather shy. Now I became completely different to be outgoing and a proactive person. I couldn’t talk in front of people at all in the past but now I can manage to give a lecture.

This change is not just described that I changed my disposition. It allows me to perform Johrei to many people and help them to become healthy. It also allows me to contribute to solving their various problems and fortune turning for the better. My life is thought to be significant indeed.

As for me, at every occasion when I had a problem, I was led towards the right path by Meshiya-sama’s teachings and improved myself until the present. Therefore, I think all my experience could have been ‘food’ to let people know the existence of Meshiya-sama and introduce His Johrei to them.

I swear myself that I convey the reliableness of Meshiya-sama’s teachings, which I’ve learnt through my life, to as many people as possible. I also swear to convey the magnificence of His Johrei derived from my experience to them.

[To anybody who doesn’t make sense of ‘Johrei’_7. Johrei contributes to solving our various problems.]

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